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Jaggy Jovino
Jaggy Jovino
Biographical information
Real name George Jovino
Also known as Jaggy, Georgey, Jag, Jackie, Jack, fatty, money-maker, Georgie, Jovino
Nationality Irish-Italian Irish-Italian
Born 26th of August, 1978
Died 22nd of July, 2011
Age 32
Status Deceased
Cause of death/incarceration Thrown out of the window and shot in the head with a Double-barrel Shotgun by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black, brown
Ethnicity White
Height 5'8” (173 cm)
Weight 89kg (196 lbs)
Blood type B-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Corleone Family (former), Barzini Family, Clemenza Crew (former)
Occupation(s) Truck Driver, Mole, shop operator, informant
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Ralph Peduto
"Out there kid, there's always gonna be a guy that wanna make the buck off ya. Just talk to the boss man and it's yours. Taking over warehouses can be dangerous, be careful on the boss man."
— Georgey to Charlie

George "Jaggy" Jovino was a trucker of the Corleone Family.


Jovino grew up in Little Town where he became known as a man with his ear to the ground. When Vito Corleone moved here from Old Town, he employed Jovino as an informant. His involvement in the business lead Jaggy becoming close friends with another Irish Pete Clemenza. It was Jovino who got Sonny Corleone started robbing trucks, after Sonny made his bones in the family business.

Jovino was of only half-Italian decent because his father was Irish, and he became part of Pete Clemenza's regime, closely associating with Poli Gatto, another up-and comer. Together, they managed to ensure that most of the smuggling network in France only payed out to the Corleones, which remained the norm until 2010, when the network was sabotaged by Ronnie Tosca.

Role in the war

In 2009, shortly after the assassination attempt on Don Corleone, Jovino first met rising enforcer Charlie Trapani at the Falconite social club. He advised Trapani on how to regain control of Little Town by taking down the Tattaglia owned Verona Factory. He later told the rising mobster to bomb the Tattaglia Mansion in Crazy Town, thus virtually ending the Tattaglia's business in France. This was part of a two pronged plan masterminded by Sal Tessio that would destroy both key members of the Tattaglia family and most of its distribution network.

Betrayal and Death

"It was George Jovino who set up Michael, he is going to be killed at Tessio's club, the Embassy in Crazy Town. Be sure to know what to do."
Tom Hagen to Trapani

However, in 2011, following the erosion of the Corleones power structure, Jovino turned traitor and began selling information to the Barzini family as he was bribed with 20,000 euros by Sergio Turrera. Willie Sissy drove Jaggy to the Embassy Club, where Trapani was to execute him. However, upon arriving at the club, Jaggy makes a last stand with the Barzini assassins, who would have killed Michael Corleone at the planned sit-down between Don Barzini and Michael. Trapani manages to kill the bodyguards and throws Jaggy out of the window and shoots him in head with a double-barrel Shotgun. Before his death, Jaggy again reiterated that his betrayal was only business, he also pleaded Charlie to spare his life, saying: "Let me go, I wanna live", but despite his cries for mercy, he was killed.

Hit detail

Jovino's hit is more annoying rather than difficult, while he is a tough Mole due to the hit status, he can be easily taken down with a simple shot to the head as the game only requires you not to hit any of your own Corleone men. However, his guards maybe a trouble since he, like Plinto Ottaviano has a higher rank guards to protect him.