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Jack Mannings
Appears in Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Call of Duty: Zero Tolerance
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations Wolf Company, 31st SAS Battalion (Nuclear War Timeline
Wolf Division, DIO (Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Status KIA (Nuclear War Timeline)
(Zero Tolerance Timeline)
Birth 1998
Sex Male
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 164.9 lbs. (74.79 kg)
Build Athletic
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Race Caucasian
Death 2018 (Nuclear War Timeline)
Weapon SCAR-H with Red Dot and Silver Browning Hi-Power with laser sight (Nuclear War timeline)
M60 Machine Gun, Double Eagle, and Panzerfaust 3
Timeline Zero Tolerance

Jack Mannings is the character in Call of Duty: Nuclear War. He has been revised and rebooted for Call of Duty: Zero Tolerance.


Jack Mannings is an Iraqi-Australian soldier . He was born on 1998. He joined the Military at the age of 17 after cadets then join 31st then Wolf Company. He fought in Afghanistan and the now Nuclear War/World War III. He was killed in action by Victor.

Biography (Zero Tolerance)

Yahya Justin Jack Mannings is Australian soldier born to an Australian father, and an Iraqi Mother. Jack's childhood including learning to be accepting, and diverse as his father is an Baptist Christian, and his mother is a Muslim. Jack joined the military at Age 17 after cadets, and at age 19; he married his Japanese girlfriend Asuka Saito in order to prevent her from being deported, and to hide his premarital sex. On October 30th, 2017; his wife gave birth to his son Akihiko Travis Mannings, and was allowed to spend some time with before training.

Civil War

Jack's mother was killed in the Occupation of Far North Queensland by a White Knight soldier, and nearly caused him to commit desertion while on mission. Jack's hatred for the White Knights was fuelled even further when his wife and son were killed by a car bomb on February 14th, 2031. The death of his mother, wife, and son caused him to adopted a bitter and stern outlook on life.