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Jack Allen
Nickname(s) Landwolf Romeo 2
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Rank Private (flashbacks), Major
Affiliations Task Force 121 (British-Australian), Far North Queensland Regiment later Wolf Company
Status Alive
Birth 1994
Weapon Pancor Jackhammer, AA-12 and USAS-12 Shotgun
Equipment Binoculars

Born in 1994, Jack Allen is a shotgunner for the SAS. He mostly carries the Pancor Jackhammer. He is know for carry automatic shotguns and combat shotguns. Jack while often uses the pancor as machine gun. He fought in Operation Final Freedom, Battle of Korce and Battle at Afghanistan.

Previous Events

Operation Final Freedom 2012-2013

Jack was a private back then, under the commmand of Lance Corporal Jamie "Shooter" Salmon, Sergeant Frank West and Captain Norman Bannon. He was critically shot by a Taliban. He was later reassigned to the from the SAS into the the due to his wounds. After fully healed he returned to the SAS but due him still feeling his injuries. 27 years later he was reassigned to the SAS but to Wolf Company due to Task Force 121 being inactive since 2016.


  • Jack only moves when Salmon moves.
  • When Salmon gets frequently shot he'll shoot the shooter in the head. But if the player shoot him he'll say "Oi! Watch your fire, you wanker!"