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Getting Back to the Grind
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Phoenix Prison
Ivan is the Enemy
Call of Duty: True Operations
SEAL Team 505
M16A4 ACOG Grenade Launcher, AK-74, AK-47 Red Dot
Northern Vietnam
Make Love to Cam
Kill the Officer
Clear out the building
Move to building two
Find ammo depot
Use a bomb to destroy ammo depot
Run to the river
Find a way to escape.
Viet Cong Redemption
Multiplayer map
Torture River
"I had been here for about five or so weeks. I had been tortured in ways you would vomit knowing about, yet I had a liking for this place. This place was a small village in Vietnam, during the end of the Second Vietnam War. Most people hated this place, but not me. Cam, a young female trooper, me and her would at times get away and sleep in the officer's quarters when he was away, that made it great. Even though I had a girlfriend at home, if it wasn't from Cam, I would have committed suicide by now."
— Victor, recollecting past events

Ivan is the Enemy is the second and final prologue level in Call of Duty: True Operations


Victor appears in a dark room, talking to Cam and making love to her, as they here the officer come in, and he drags them into the hallway, and quickly caps Victor in the knee and starts to violently beat Cam to nothing, and then asking Victor if he truly loves her. The player can eithier choose to say yes or no, yes giving him ten good points, and no taking away ten points. Eithier way, the officer will quickly beat on Victor, and then go to his bedroom, where the player can hear the officer raping her. However, when a Viet Cong troop appears to execute him, an SEAL Team 505 operative comes and snaps his neck, coming to rescue him, as he hands Victor a M16A4, and Victor goes inside the room, where the officer kills her, and in return Victor kills him.

After getting dressed in Black Operations camoflauge, the two SEALs, Victor and Archer, head out to destory buildings and an ammuntion depot, before killing as many Viet Cong troops as they can before running down to a river, where they kill two armed civillians to steal a boat, as Archer rows and Victor trys to shoot, but as they get into a current, Archer is shot, and Victor attempts to cover him.

Soon after, a cutscene plays where Victor is at his house, where he turns on the news, and he hears a incorrect report on how two SEALs blow up a civillian village and killed two civillians and stole there boat for money to sell, and reports that each one that does so will be executed.

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