"Sir, we've recivied signal that the Shadows ain't happy about Shepherd's torture and execution. It's gonna get very bloody."
Jamie Salmon

It's Gonna Get Bloody is the sixth level in Modern Warfare 4.

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It's Gonna Get Bloody
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4
Captain Jamie Salmon
Task Force 141

Colt .45

Pentagon, Washington D.C.
Get the Files

Find a knife ESCAPE!!!

Shadow Company

Rouge Task Force 141 Operative

Multiplayer map



While searching Shepherd's briefcase, Gaz finds that Shadow Company was planning to destroy all the land they may have hostiles , so that they may become a trusted country, and then invade, unknown by the actual government. Soap knowing that the Americans are to strong to stop in a war asks S.A.S. command for a trip to DC. Accepting Salmon and Soap are sent to DC while Gaz and a new Task Force 141 member, Rattle go to Toronto to capture the Shadow Company General himself, while giving a speech to the Canadians. The new General has more information now that Shepherd is done for.

Quickly finding their way into the Pentagon, undercover as Colonels, they find a supercomputer that holds the answers to all of Shadow Company's plans. However, disabling Pentagon security, a real Shadow Company Colonel finds them and knocks them both out, without anyone else knowing.

Waking up, they find an old friend, Toad. Tied to a car battery and showing signs of being beaten, he is executed by the Colonel. Then finally, before Salmon is killed, but after being kicked in the face, and thrown to the floor, Soap manages to hit a detonator inside his pockets that blow up the War Room. Quickly putting a cap into Salmon's knee, he runs off to check it.

Meanwhile, Gaz is driving away in a bullet proof jeep with the Shadow Company's new General and the President of the United States himself. Rattle is clearing the way with a M82 .50 Cal.

Salmon, crawling opens up a door, where he finds a knife to cut Soap loose, as they go to the supercomputer downloading, and quickly, while carrying Salmon, make it out of the Pentagon, killing several Shadow Company members.

Finally, they go into an abandoned warehouse, where they find more Task Force 141 members. They recive word that Rattle has been killed, but Gaz has made it to the warehouse where the Colonel and President are being tourtured.

But before they know it, a TS142 soildier wounds everyone with a .44 Magnum and runs away with the files, while a panic starts in D.C.