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San Helios
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Last Chance
Invasion of San Helios
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Corporal Harry Anderson
U.S. Army Rangers
SCAR-H w/Red Dot Sight, M9
San Helios, Afghanistan-China Border
Invade San Helios.

Destroy the gas station.

Disarm the bomb in the TV Station.

Find Nikolai Makarov.

Kill Nikolai Makarov.

Run to the Little Bird!

Shadow Company, Nikolai's Forces

Invasion of San Helios is the seventh level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


After the Rangers collect intel on San Helios, Task Force 141 tells them the invasion is a go. The player takes control of Corporal Harry Anderson with Private Evans, Private Harrison, and Private Lopez as his squad. They start in a Little Bird spinning the guns of the helicopter. Then the squad make their way towards a gas station near a TV station with a bomb in it. Soon, Anderson plants C4 on the fuel containers and fuel tank and blows the gas station up. They make their way to the TV station, ready to disarm the bomb. Once in, Anderson disarms the bomb and finds out that Command is deploying a nuke in San Helios, ready to wipe out the country. They find Nikolai Makarov however and kill him. Then, the Little Bird arrives to pick them up. Once in Afghanistan, the nuke goes off and blows up the country. The Rangers then make their way home, on their way to confront the Ultranationalists.

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