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Disarming the Nuke
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I can see the View from here!
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Colonel John Price
Task Force 141
SCAR-H w/red dot sight, Ranger
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Get in the AC-130.

Fire on the enemy palace.

Make your way to Burj Dubai.

Kill Johnson.

Get to the top floor.

Kill Bruce Sword.

Pop the green flare.

Get in the Little Bird.

Shadow Company
Multiplayer map

I can see the View from here! is the tenth level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


The player now switches to Colonel John Price, 4 hours after the submarine was destroyed. Shadow Company commanders Bruce Sword and Jack Johnson are in Dubai with Shadow Company. Price gets in an AC-130 and fires down on lots of buildings. Soap then tells him of a location believed to have Johnson, inside Burj Khalifa. Price fights his way to the 60th floor, to find Johnson there. Price shoots a Ranger into his stomach and kills him. He then takes an elevator up to the 206th floor, which has Bruce Sword on. Price then uses his Ranger again and shoots Sword in the head, blowing it apart. Soap then says that a Little Bird is evacuating him and he needs to signal the flare. Price pops a green flare and boards the helicopter back to Task Force 141.

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