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Hue Sam
Hue Sam
Rank Private, Lance Corporal
Affiliations IRR, SASR Task 121 and Wolf Company
Status WIA
Birth 1979
Weapon Howa Type 89, M1911 .45 and R870


Hue Sam is was formerly part of the Incident Response Regiment, Task Force 121 and now part of Wolf Company. He is the main driver of the unit and supplier. He was going to the playable character but he was swapped with Josh Rogers. He was promoted to Lance Corporal after ordering airstrikes on 7 bridges which made them collapse with two tanks each.


"Private! Get up there and order an airstrike on the bridges! Josh go with them."
— Captain Salmon
— PVT. Sam

(He destroys them. Salmon walks in.)

"Destroyed bridges. Outstanding work son! I'm putting you in for Lance Corporal, you deserve it."
— Captain Salmon