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"Cuban forces have pushed us to far back into Florida, we've gotta stop them right here right now, lock and load rangers!"
Richard Fernandez
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The Attack
Homeland Security
Homeland security
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Cody Patterson
U.S. Army Rangers
SCAR-H w/Red Dot Sight (30 + 270 rounds), M9 (15 + 75 rounds), 4 frag grenades, 4 flashbangs, Target Designating Laser
Celebration Florida, USA
Follow Sargent Fernandez.

Use the laser designator to "paint" targets for Air strikes.

Use the Minigun on the humvee.

Take back Celebration High School.

Cuban Armed Forces
Multiplayer map

Homeland Security is the fifth level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.



(U.S. Army Rangers logo appears.)

"It seems like there's a bloody coup going on in Russia."
— Richard Fernandez
"Yes there is sir."
— Cody Patterson
"We must capture Igor Krum."
— Cody Patterson
"We will, but first we have to get the cubans out of Florida, It seems like they are being heavily funded and equipped by the Russians."
— Richard Fernandez
"Understood sir."
— Cody Patterson
"I can't believe those bastards where actually able to make it all the way to my hometown."
— Richard Fernandez

In Game

(The level starts with Sgt. Fernandez, PFC. Patterson, Cpl. Florio, and several other Rangers in between Downtown Celebration, and Water Street facing heavy resistance.)

  • Sgt. Fernandez: Move up!
  • Cpl. Florio: Hooah!
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Patterson! Use your laser designator to paint those targets for air support.
  • PFC. Patterson: Yes sir!

(The Rangers continue to fight through Celebration, and then see an AC-130 crash near by.)

  • Cpl. Florio: Holy shit!
  • Sgt. Fernandez: That's why they don't fly during the day Corporal.

(The Rangers get a contact from Overlord)

  • Overlord: Hunter 3-1 this is Overlord, your unit has been ordered to take the high school over.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Roger that Overlord.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Squad, get in the humvees we have to go take Celebration High School.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Hooah?
  • Rangers: Hooah!

(The Rangers get in the humvees, and Patterson Uses the Minigun.)

  • PFC. Patterson: Let's do this.
  • Cpl. Florio: Spin 'em up Patterson.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Alright, where Oscar Mike let's go!
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Patterson, keep an eye out for any Tangos.
  • PFC. Patterson: Yes sir.

(The rangers move to the high school in there humvees while Patterson fights off enemies with the minigun.)

  • Sgt. Fernandez: There's Celebration High School team.

(They get to the high school, but the humvees are destroyed by Cuban PT-76's.)

  • Cpl. Florio: Look out!

(The explosion makes Patterson go into "shell shock" mode.)

  • Sgt. Fernandez: Patterson are you ok, get up!?

(Patterson ends "shell shock" mode.)

  • PFC. Patterson: I'm ok sir!
  • Cpl. Florio: Me too sir!
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Team! Destroy those PT-76's, and regroup inside the Cafeteria!

(Patterson uses either the AT-4 from the ruined humvee, or an RPG-7, and then makes it to the cafeteria.)

  • Sgt. Fernandez: Alright team, we need to go out there and clear that courtyard.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Cuban forces have pushed us to far back into Florida, we've gotta stop them right here right now, lock and load rangers!
  • Rangers: Hooah!
  • Cpl. Florio: I've spotted the SAMS!
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Patterson! Use your laser designator to call artillery on those missiles!
  • PFC. Patterson: Yes sir!

(Patterson lazes the SAMS and they are then destroyed by artillery.)

  • Sgt. Fernandez: Good job Patterson.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: Alright team, regroup at the JROTC room.

(Patterson and his fellow rangers continue to battle until they reach the JROTC room.)

  • Sgt. Fernandez: Overlord, the high school is secure.
  • Overlord: Roger that Hunter 3-1, good hunting.
  • Sgt. Fernandez: This room brings back memories.
  • Cpl. Florio: Yeah those where the good old days.

(Level ends.)