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Harvey Epstein
Nickname(s) Beans, Bacon n' Beans, Beens, Jew bastard, the Falcone spy, nerd, four-eyes, master counterfeiter
Appears in Mafia II
Rank Falcone Family Spy, Falcone accountant
Affiliations Falcone Family, Antonio Balsamo
Status Deceased
Killed By Rafael Molosco
Birth 28th of February 1923, Munich, Germany, Europe
Death 11th of July, 1978
Voice Actor Jerry Sroka

Harvey "Beans" Epstein is a minor character in Mafia II and the accountant and spy for the Falcone Family.


He is first mentioned during week eleven of The Story of Mafia, where he is described as a master counterfeiter and is known to print fake cash to use in illegal deals. In the mission "Balls n' Beans", he is captured by Raul Marina's men and interrogated in Hernandez's Slaughterhouse by Lucas Hernandez, Raul Marina II, Toothy and Sergio Luccio. After being rescued by Vito Corleone, he assists Antonio Balsamo in slowly killing Lucas.


Harvey was killed on 11 July 1978, when he was shoot in the head by Rafael Molosco after he got tired of his boring life and found out he was a Falcone. His death was rather satisfying for the Marina Family.