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Harry Wilkers
Harry Wilkers
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Wolf Company
Status KIA
Birth 2015
Death Day 2, 2041, Desert Terrains
Weapon M4A1

Harry Wilkers is an Australian SAS soldier. He fights in both Battle of Korce and Battle at Afghanistan.

Battle of Korce

Harry fights as a rifleman. He also act as their main light infantry man. He has done several hit-and-run tactics. On several occasions he has helped many soldiers to get out of trouble. He is later assigned to help Bomber, Maccers and Debels set charges on 7 enemy storage buildings and tanks. They successfully do this allowing the British, Albanian and Australian forces to rain victory over Albania.

Battle at Afghanistan

Harry fights again as a rifleman. He fights during the invasion. After that he is sent with a machine gun squad into a hot spot. He later spots an ammo depot and a fuel dump by a couple Russians he goes while taking as much as he could but soon learned it wasn't enough, he was mortally wounded by shot in the stomach. The squad watched as they could do nothing but watch him die.