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Tank Stop
In Our Country
Call of Duty: Underground
Cadet Staff Sergeant Richard Fernandez
AK-47 w/Red dot sight (30+270), M1014 (7+63), 4 Frag grenades, 4 smoke grenades
Orlando, Florida, USA
Day 3, 2010
Move up with the team.
Ambush the Russian patrol
Throw a smoke on the T-90
Get to the office building
Move to the Supermarket.
Russian Armed Forces

Guerrilla Warfare is the sixth level in Call of Duty: Underground. In this level, Richard Fernandez and his squad are captured by Russian forces. At the end of this level, Fernandez turns a corner to get out of a building, but in front of the door stands a tall Russian soldier with a large build, fair skin, platinum blonde hair, violet eyes, and holding a lead pipe. Fernandez quickly pulls out his signature Desert Eagle, and shoots him point blank in the chest.

The bullet hits its mark, but the Russian soldier is still standing. Richard is shocked by this and says "what the!?" "I shot you, how are you still alive!?". The Russian soldier, who seems to have a permanent smile, takes a step towards Richard, looks down on him, and says "little boys should not be playing with guns". The Russian soldier hits Fernandez with the lead pipe, and the screen goes black.