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Gregory Wilkerson
Nickname(s) Guns, Master, Greggy Boy
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Rank Gunnery Sergeant, later Master Sergeant
Affiliations USMC, 2nd Force Recon
Status Alive but injured
Birth April, 10th, 1989, Encino, California
Weapon STG 44 and M16A3


Born in Encino, California and raised by a former marine. He was formerly a fighter in Afghanistan. He is the squad leader of Romeo Squadron. He is a good friend of Kane and Jason. His first name is only revealled by Jason in Aftermath. He, Zach and Jason were injured in a explosion.


  • Wilkerson and Norman Delaney bear some resemblance: Same voice and both are promoted.
  • Like Robiechauld, he awards a member that was killed with the Victorian Cross.