Nickname(s) Randy, Godfrey, Rand
Appears in World of War: Revenge, Crossover Mayhem
Rank News Reporter
Status Alive

Joseph Randall Godfrey is a minor character in World of War: Revenge, The Godfather Games and Crossover Mayhem. He is a news reporter and he reports on the death of John Randy-Newman and about the Paris massacre.

In Rap Battle

Verse 1

Halp! You're making my ears bleed, you need a muzzle.

Why you pissed off all the time? Didn't your mom give you a cuddle?

You're the type of gal who could die of a heart attack just in the shower!

You need to chill out for a minute and smoke weed for an hour.

Every time we are on a show, all you do is scream at me.

And your hair look like a shit I took, high on LSD.

I'm God! Frey. I'm a legend. I can see through all your tricks.

I wonder how much Frank Kenson paid you to suck his dik!

Verse 2

Well you can't buy me love.

But I'll kick your s for free.

I'll take Shao's super hammer and give you a fatality.

I'm tired of how you scream and disturb the people up!

Why don't you just take a vacation and shut the fak up?!


  • His rapping background was a psychedelic flower-wave, and his opponent was the daughter of Don Barzini and investor, Diamond Tiara.