Ghost without his signature skull balaclava.
Nickname(s) Ghost, Zulu 6, Archer
Rank 2nd Lieutenant
Affiliations Task Force 589
Birth Unknown
Weapon Modified Recon CS-6, Maverick, Longstrike CS-6

Ghost is a character seen in Operation Cold Shoulder, Operation Takedown, Operation Hercules, and Operation Airwolf. He is known as the radio op and technical specialist on the team and has served as squad leader from time to time.


Ghost joined the British Royal Marine Commandos in 1994, after his brother Gary was killed by an Iraqi terrorist. After suffering through training he was handpicked by Ace to join Task Force 589 on his first mission, the sniping of Imran Zakhaev. Ghost acted as the spotter with a silenced G36C. He exfiled before MacMillan and Ace and went on to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Ghost is the sniper of the squad, and is particulary vocal about Command's objectives. He can hack computers, interrupt enemy signals and even remote disabled a Russian BMP once. On Operation Cold Shoulder he planted C4 explosives on a Russian fighter jet and hacked Russian computers to gain intel for Operations Takedown and Hercules.


Ghost is sarcastic, pessimistic and critical of people, especially Command as proven in Operation Cold Shoulder. He is capable of killing people in cold blood without a second thought, which is why he is the sniper. Some think of him as a sociopath bacause of this, but he places it on his training with the Royal Marines. He also does not care about the Geneva Convention, as he tortures Rojas's assistant, Faust.



  • "Bollocks, the skies are clear! Send the chopper now!"
  • "What part of the phrase 'I'm working on it' don't you understand?!"
  • "Bloody hell, this hardware is ancient!"
  • "Every Russian and their mother is coming for our heads now."
  • "Okay...anyone have a Plan C? Plan B just got blown up."