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Ivan is the Enemy
Getting Back to the Grind
I zee dead people
Call of Duty: True Operations
Victor (Not Barzini)
M9, M4 Carbine, Science Book, Knife
Mountain Views High School, Israel
2040 in the future
Get to Mathematics class
Survive the shootout
Find a way to get to Alex
Take revenge
The Eds
Bowery Gang
Multiplayer map
Schoolyard Shootout
"That day, was my first true mission."
— Victor

Getting Back to the Grind is the first prologue mission of Call of Duty: True Operations. It follows future SEAL Team 505 Operative Victor escaping from a school shooting.


Victor is merely walking down the hall, like everybody else, while several Eds (Eddy, Double D, and Jimmy) are grouped around a locker, pulling out geeky vests and such. Victor gets his books, until he sees red pain everywhere and heres several books drop at once, and falls down, as he hears Bowery Gang (Stepano, Salvatore and Healy) laughing and reloading weapons. He was lucky, and was grazed as he gets back up to see everyone dead, and Eds escaping, excpet for himself, yet he sees a shooter falling behind the rest. He finds a fork in his locker and kills the gunman with it, stealing his M9, and using it to to shoot the Bowery boys, as more get away, he finds automatic weapons, but before, finds everyone dead, even his best friend, Alex.

The main gunman beckons Victor to meet him in the courtyard, where they'll have a sniper battle, and Victor excepts, but ends up finding himself ambushed, but shoots an explosive cocktail on one gunman, severly burning them both as he leaves, to get the police, but mostly to get away from carnage, and the fart of death.


  • This is the first video game to show a school shooting as a playable charachter, and for that reason, in many countries around the world, this level was cut into a simple cutscene, or completely removed alltogether.
  • Bowery Gang is killed here, in fact they were all ready killed in 2009, the gang in disgame are posibly clones.
  • Eds are still young, but they were already young in 2012, it seems a spell is cast on them to be always young.
  • Victor can be seen having Corleone posters in his locker room after he opens it.
  • Specter Trinity makes a cameo, seen running away from school in a cutscene.