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Salmon's Capture (Past Mission. Sgt. Salmon)
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Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Lt. Jamie Salmon
United States Air Force, Russians, Americans and Australians
Hind D
December 1st, 2013
Attack Osama Bin Laden's camp. Kill Osama
Multiplayer map
Desert Land

Freefall is the third level in Call of Duty: Nuclear War

Walkthrough Edit

Lieutenant Salmon goes in Hind D and attacks Laden's camp. Then he kills him.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"As I am, I'm a war hero. The reason why the war of Afghanistan finished. I should tell you all. I asked to us a Hind D. I used it to storm his camp. And destroy him and his plane. 5 years ago. Jack you better stay here. I'll be back."
— Salmon

Ingame Edit

(Salmon is in hind and hovering a one place.)

  • Salmon: The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on Earth. But I think that's a luxury. Not a curse. To know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take...inventory. Outgunned. Outnumbered. Out of our minds. On a suicide mission. But the sand and the rocks here, stained with thousands of years of warfare...They will remember us. For this. Because out of all our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves. We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth. With vigor in our hearts and one goal in sight: We. Will. Kill him.
  • Russian: Nice speech.
  • Salmon: Thanks. Let's go.

(They fly towards the camp.)

  • Salmon: Let's do this.

(They attack the camp. And kill several soldiers.)

  • Ron: Let's go.

(They destroy most of the camp then Osama escape in a plane. Jamie shoots it down. Then the Hind is sht by an RPG.)

  • Jamie: Bye.

(Jamie takes a parachute and jumps. A piece of the propellar flie towards Jamie. Jamie takes hs parachute off.)


(A Helicopter comes to him and someone grabs him.)

  • Unnamed Major: Gotcha! You did well. I'm promoting you.

(end of mission.)

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