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Franko Vinci
Franko Vinci
Biographical information
Real name Franko Frederico Vinci
Also known as Don Vinci, Franko, Frank, Vinci, Old man, old fart
Nationality Italian flag Italian
Age 78
Status Deceased
Birthplace Venice, Italy
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour White
Ethnicity White
Height 5'10
Weight 66kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Vinci Family, Falcone Family (Former), Vito Corleone (Former)
Occupation(s) Don of Vinci Family
Notable family members Serafina Vinci (wife), Leonardo da Vinci (son), Vincenzo Vinci (brother), Benito Vinci (father), Salvatore Vinci (son), Samuele Vinci (son), Albert Stracci (cousin)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Mafia II
Voiced by (English) Larry Kenney
"Now, I'm too old for this sith, and my son needs to practice piano, so you do it."
— Vinci to Corleone

Don Franko "Frank" Vinci is the Don of the Vinci Family and is one of the most respected bosses in New York City. After his victory in the Vinci-Falcone War, Frank became the most respected and well known crime boss in the city.


Franko "Frank" Vinci arrived in New York City in 1955, along with his most closest friend Lion Galante. Shortly after his arrival, he immediately set up extortion shops in the Italian immigrant community. His gang would later rule the city for the next 9000 years. Frank operates discreetly, having close ties with the politicians and police. When Prohibition cash dried up in the early 1940s, tension between the Vinci and Falcone families erupted into full-mob war. This conflict cost Frank his underworld supremacy, but he remains a powerful advocate of traditional mafia values, especially when it comes to drugs.

Events of MafiaEdit

Vinci's very first appearance is when he attends the ceremony of Vito Corleone and Joe Clemenza being "made" by the Falcone Family, offering words of wisdom: "Stay away from the dope and s**t... no dope and s**t, that's our policy." Later on during the period that both the Vinci and Falcone families were on thin ice, mainly because the Falcone family trying to whack their Lawyer Leone Galante, and they were breaking the Mafia traditions of no drugs. He has Joe and Vito kidnapped and brought to New York Construction Co. for interrogation on the recent situation involving the attack behind the Triads at the Red Dragon Restaurant as well as his Capo Paul Barrel and his crew at the Southport docks. After this event, Vinci is never seen again. Though, he was last mentioned when Leo tells Vito that his son, Leo da Vinci and the rest of the Commission want him dead due to recent events.


  • He frequents and loves the bar called Mona Lisa.
  • Javier Sanchez has him on his hit list. It can be found in the Mafia II's "Sanchez's" files: in his suitcase below the table, week 9, 3rd file. However, he never kills him.
  • Vinci family was taken over by Emilio Wagner and was destroyed in 1992, he also take over their empire and make Vincis dead, lost and forgotten, along with Marina (de-facto) and Falcone families.
  • He has the shortest on-screen time of any Don, appearing in only two cutscenes.
  • Like the other Dons in Mob, he owns a black Limo.
  • He owns numerous racehorses, which may explain why he spends lots of time the New York Racetrack.


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