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Frank Kenson
Barzini wit papers
Biographical information
Real name Francesco Gustave Odilon Alfonse Barzini
Also known as Frank, Francesco, Old man, Frank Kenson, Mr. President, US Prezi, Olaf reincarnated, Olaf's reincarnation, Mr. Kenson, Frankson, KKK leader, The Fuhrer, Olaf wanna-be, fat, talking, walking fart, Olaf 2, Right-wing fascist, rich old man, rich guy, President Kenson, the Saviour, scum of the underworld, grandpa
Nationality France flag French
Born 15th of May, 1940
Age 77
Status Alive
Birthplace Paris, France, Europe (Atlanta, Georgia, US on his fake birth certificate)
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Grey
Ethnicity Latin-French
Height 5'11
Weight 70kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Barzini Family, Emilio Barzini Jr., Fortunato Regime, Dixmor Project, Alt-Right, White Rabbit
Occupation(s) Former Barzini underboss, President of the USA, investor, Dixmor Project associate, owner of Frank's Oil Company
Notable family members Antonia Barzini (former wife), Laura Barzini (daughter-in-law), Emilio Barzini (son), Ettore Barzini (son), Victor Barzini (grandson), Viani Barzini (grand niece), Carla Barzini (daughter), Diamond Tiara (adopted granddaughter), Roberto Barzini (grandnephew), Deadly Ed Barzini (godson), Bobby Toro (son-in-law), Emilio Barzini III (grandson), Giuseppe Stracci (great grandnephew), Enzo Barzini (great grandnephew), Umberto Toro (great grandson), Carmine Barzini (great grandson), Gianna Stracci (grandniece-in-law), Jeanne Barzini (daughter-in-law), Norman Barzini (grandson), Carl Barzini (son), Josephine Barzini (2nd wife)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Games, Crossover Mayhems
Voiced by (English) Serge Houde
Portrayed by Don Costello
"When Mexico sends it's people, they're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some I assume are good people."
— Francesco on Mexico

Francesco "Frank" Barzini (currently using the American name Frank Kenson) was a key member of the Barzini Family and is now the current president of United States of America under the Kenson Dictatorship.


Francesco is the father of Emilio Barzini, Carla Barzini, Ettore Barzini and father-in-law of Bobby Toro, Jeanne Barzini and Laura Barzini. He is the grandfather of Victor Barzini, whose office he shared at Victor's Hotel in New Town.

When Victor was captured by Charlie Trapani, Francesco briefly became Underboss. It is possibly he continued in this position during Paul Fortunato's tenure as Don, before Victor was rescued.

After Victor was eventually rescued by Paul Fortunato, he become one of the Fortunato Regime members, but left the gang after they came to United States of America and he changed his name of 'Frank Kenson' to make it sound American and ran for president as a member of Republican party in 2016 after getting his citizenship. It says on his fake birth certificate that he is from Georgia.

Presidential Run

"So, I ask you American people to vote my s president! Please! Here's so much reasons why: I was born in my own hospital! A great hospital, the best you could imagine! Delivered by the doctor that I bought. And he thanked me, he said: "Frank, thank you!" This is terrific! I bought at least a couple wives, 3 highest paid women in America. But the 3rd one doesn't speak English just right, but she's great, I see her on holidays, terrific. Now, this country needs a good strong leader. I'm real busy but I may just have the time. If I let you elect the Kenson - You're welcome! I'm a great leader and I can read. We're being rapen by the Chinese. I'll make these China dogs my bishes, I'm the filthy richest! We need a hero that'll come help. I'll sell America to myself. I'll build you's highways and some bridges. ;) I'm the filthy richest! I want to make this country great, as right now we're NOT great! But the Mexicans keep coming here to rape, and by the way, at least rape in English. I'll build a wall no one could climb. Yes, no one will climb this wall! And the Mexs can rape on their own fahing side. Mexico is the new Outworld . Now I'm seeing people talk about the Kenson, saying things that quite frankly aren't nice, but when I'm in charge of our nuclear program; you're all bombed & fired. We're losing, it's a catastrophe! I'll negotiate a better deal! I'll do a good job. We need a leader prez that'll get us out of our debt, help the people get lower wig prices. We need a leader prez that'll get us rid of Outworld, rip 'em all to shreds, fawking aliens. We need a leader prez that'll get us driving hybrids, give us all some bread in a size of Pez! And tell the Mexicans, and all the illegal migrants: "You gotta get a license." I indeed am a great leader and I can read. We're being rapen by the Chinese, rapen by the Chinese! I'll make these China dogs my biatches, I'm the filthy richest. I'm the filthy richest! We need a hero that'll come help. I'll sell America to the French! Jk, I'll sell America to me. I'll build you's highways and some bridges, I'm the filthy richest! And I just can't help all you's bishes (referring to Jackson Borlinghathen, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and George Soros), I'm the filthy richest! It's gonna be terrific!! Cause I'm the filthy richest!"
— Francesco's last speech written to him by the White Rabbit, proclaimed as one of the worst speeches ever

In 2016, Francesco Barzini (better known as Frank Kenson) is a trailing US presidential candidate for the Republican party. He has also been nominated for the Man of the Year award and goes to Gotham City for the ceremony. He loses to Bruce Ultor, and begins to despise Ultor for not only winning the award, but for the witty comments Ultor made towards Frank and for having more female companions with him. When the White Rabbit, Enrico Noriega, Dale Segwick, Clurkicus, and Slender Man raided the awards, Frank didn't faint or flee but instead watched them, particularly the White Rabbit, and shared his table with Enrico, Dale, Clurkicus, and Slender Man as the Rabbit spoke on stage. When Gregory McCain and Jeff Robbinson arrived in McCain's boat, Frank and the others ran before it landed on the table.

Barzini later breaks the Rabbit out of Arkham Asylum with a nuclear-powered gun, the Deconstructor, which can pull apart and destroy hard objects, like bricks. Frank hints that it can be used to destroy McCain's and police's vehicles, and that they should team-up.

The Rabbit robs Ace Chemicals and creates false nuclear weaponry. When McCain and Jeff take it after a hard fought battle, he and Barzini use the tracking device in it to find the Ultor mansion, destroy Bruce's vehicles, and take the explosives Bruce keeps in a vault.

They leave for Frank's Oil Company in a large aircraft with the weaponry. McCain and Robbinson infiltrate the aircraft, but McCain is dropped through a trapdoor and while Jeff saves him, the aircraft escapes. At the Oil Company, Francesco uses poisoned venom on Jeff and crushes McCain, and they finish the construction of a large bunny-like robot. After they blast through the roof on their way back to Gotham, McCain and Robbinson die at the Company.

The robot lands back in Gotham and is approached by Travonni's Anti-Flag. Frank and Rabbit force them into the Metro. After several attempts to stop them, Giacomo Lio and Purple Diamond escape.

Frank gives a speech at the City Hall while the White Rabbit holds him up the papers where Frank's speech is written, which makes the people boo and hate on Frank as president. Once again, Diamond and Lio arrive to stop them. The latter throws a bomb at the gigantic robot, destroying it and make it useless. However, Diamond is completely disabled by the venom thrown at by the Rabbit, and is at the brink of death.

Travonni's goons are eventually defeated after a showdown with Frank and Rabbit and it ends with the eventual death of Diamond and the arrest of Lio. After the long battle, Francesco finally becomes the president of the United States he so longed desire, as a reward for the White Rabbit for helping him with weaponry and becoming the president, Francesco gives Rabbit unlimited access to every type of crime there is all around the entire country and the police force are not allowed to bother him. Hell, they may be even ordered to protect him on some occasions.

Ever since then, Kenson created his own Republican party which even includes one black person and two women despite his racist and sexist views.

First Speech as President

"German Moderator: Ich mag nicht fünfzigste Celebrity Apprentah! Meet new host Arnold Schwarzenegger! Schwarzenegger: Mr. Bieber, why'd your team lose? Justin Bieber: Idk, bro. Schwarzenegger: No excusis! Off to zee gas chamber! Now for a paid political advertising. Kenson: Look, I'm rich as hell from my real estate and sale of shirts. I wish our former president would've give us better health insurance. I'll build a wall, just got taller with a better view. I'll build the Mexicans who make good money from cocaine. I just sold a billion hats, if you even blink I just sold a billion more, it's for charity! My name's Frankie Kens and I'm orange and pink! My name's Frankie Kens or friends, 2016! That's my name, okay?! It's on my birth certificate! We're gonna bring down crime! We'll give cops guns and bugs spray! I love cops! I'll build a wall so big that'll keep all of the migrants out! We're gonna bring back jobs! Jobs, jobs! It'll be so great! I'll build a wall so big that you'll say: "Frank, it's too big! Can you bring it a few feet down?" Believe me, I know Waltz. I went to the best schools. The best! I got perfect marks. Perfect! My teacher said: "Frank, your marks are too high for us!" Could you get a few answers wrong?" Sometimes certain people talk about a certain Frank. They probu do it so their ratings start going up. They say: "Who could we invite on the show?" The low ratings here are killing us! We probably should invite Kenson!" Look at the numbers. I have the best polls! Best clothes! Best dressed in my own Kenson suit and tie. Oh look behind me, it's Hillary and Sanders. If you maggots come from Mexico you'll have to take a ladder. Who's this curry face in charge with Outworld links? Look, who is this guy? I'll send him back through immigration to find out what language he speaks. Asalama ding dong, moderfawker! Look, I love black guys, and blacks love me! I think blacks are great! I love Hispanic beans like taco salad by the roadside! Worrying a big decline! Cline, cline! I'll make this country great! So we can have nice things, like; snacks and cheese and crackers, it's great, yeah! I used to host Apprentice, it was on every Sunday. We would build a couple teams and give each one a different name and everyone competed, beggin' and then I let 'em stay, seein' which one could make the most money... FOR ME! Now I'm travelling around the country with my brands, saying things people like to hear about Mexicans. Please, take a MAGA hat and wear it, that is your donation. Thanks, I don't even take money (laughs). When this world is mine! Mine, mine! I'll build a wall in spaaace. And everyone will see that my penis is a pretty big cok! I guarantee! I don't like Outworld! Nya, nya! Although the food is great! Great! And even those alien priks have a big wall to keep the migrants out! I love Mexicans. The Mexicans love me. I love Mexicans. I love Mexicans, trust me! I get along with them. I get along with everybody! So demote for your good friend, Frankie! Schwarzenegger: And if you didn't vote Frank, you'll be rounded up today, folded onto a train and sent off to vacation! There you will be taught the correct way to vote, all thanks to my good friend Kenson!"
— Kenson's first speech on the debate with some talk from Schwarzenegger


"Let me just say I respect all females, but your rights are trash; put 'em next to your emails. Our country's in crisis. And the Democrats nominate the mother of ISIS? That might not be exactly true, but I don't do politeness. You wanna talk about misogyny? Your Bill's worse than Cosby! He left a mess on that dress worse than you left in Benghazi! You wanna break the glass ceiling, Hillary, I sense it, but the only crack you'll find is my ass pressed against it! What? The numbers are in, and I'm right on your tail! You don't have the stamina, baby; you're frail! This will be just like '08 when you fail, and Kens will appoint you to jail! How do I say this? You're dead. And you almost lost the primaries to a filthy red! What do the American people gotta Yankee-doodle-do to get it through your fat face that they're just not that into you?! They want a strong, male leader who can stand up to Outworld! Not a crooked little wishy-washy like you. I'm gonna run these streets like I run my casinos: More police and less Latinos! While you bury us in debt, buying poor people socks, I'll create jobs, tearing down mosques! Then I'll use all the best, fallen rocks from the site to build a wall! Dip it in gold and make Edenia or Mexico pay for it all! We'll make this country great again! We'll all be living large! I'll tell Congress; "You're fired" and put Fortunato in charge! 'Cause this whole system's rigged, and we all know the riggers! For the last eight years, this country's been run by a-... yeah, you get the point."
— Francesco's outrageous speech against Hillary which was also a part in his rap battle

Probably his biggest attempt at making people butthurt was his second speech, which was an elite success foreseen by the Puppet Masters, Dixmor Project. He said that when he becomes the God of US, he will basically become god of the whole wide world, and that the world will become a dumping ground for his nuclear arsenal of weapons. This will result in Outworld, Mexico, China, and Chaosworld amongst others getting destroyed. Frank even said it himself: "Five billion people dead! It will be AMAZINGLY destructive!!!". He also said that he will nuke the White House and, in place of it, build "Barzini Tower" (which will most likely look like Biff's tower from Back to the Future 2). He later stated on his Twitter that it will be all for campaign support and likes. After the drug lord Tone Montana was killed by Gaspar's Gang, he cried wildly and personally went to his funeral and put a bounty on Bob Santana's (the murderer of Montana) head. After his elite victory, he threw a party at Barzini mansion in Paris, France with his €5000 steaks. Feminists got triggered by this and rioted in every major city, even cities outside the US.

Nowadays, Barzini, under the fake name Frank Kenson, is the current president of America destined to make it even worse, starting by building the Great Wall of Franko and banning all the Outworlders.

Failed Kill

He and Mark Jackson were in the White House during the Richest Wins it All, and they fought each other. Eventually Jackson defeated Barzini but then Frank paid some Bloodhunts to assassinate Mark, but they didn't as they were bribed by Jackson himself an even bigger sum of cash to let him live.

Later, when Barzini founded out about this, he demanded his money back from Bloodhunts, and they gave it back to him as they got a better offer from Mark anyway. Frank even planed on bombing up Texas (Bloodhunts' main territory) and kill them all, but was stopped by the Project as they were allies of the Bloodhunts, and if Frank bombed the Hunts, his ass would got assassinated by the Puppet Masters.

Personality and traits

This so-called "incarnation" of Olaf Tutchenko appears to be very hypocritical, as he describes Hillary in ways that describe himself, saying that he doesn't like her because "her face is all old and it almost looks mustachioed." Although, his personality shifts each day. Some days, he appears to want Hillary in jail, but a day after, he says she is innocent of all crimes because she's pretty awesome, implying that he changes his views all days. Kenson doesn't even take his job as a President seriously and just uses his presidential powers in anyway to help only himself and uses it on his money, his hotels, his number of supporters, the mafia and writing ridiculous things on Twitter and Facebook. In addition to Frank often throwing temper tantrums at people who denounce him by screaming that they're being offensive, Kenson himself highly offends and discriminates other people especially in terms of their religion or background ethnicity.

Kenson also appears to be culturally insensitive, best seen during his interview with Mr. Canting in which he forgot his name and called him random black people's names, such as "JTG", "Tyrone", etc. He also appears to be somewhat manipulative, and might even show signs of high intelligence, as he was able to easily convince everyone that he's a good guy and everyone believed him. He also enjoys spending his free time tweeting, stalking Hillary Clinton, and making prank phone-calls, implying he is very child-like and mischievous.

Kenson's most significant traits include having a sloppy attitude and cowardice. In one speech, he talked for 2 minutes straight gloating about himself but Mr. Canting called him back stating this is a 90-minute debate. In response, Frank lies he can't continue because Obama and Hillary broke his microphone. When his biggest enemy, William Kjellsson convinced Kenson to call Duro and bully their leader Overlord Hecurzo by intimidating him, Hecurzo threatens to rip out Kenson's spine, decapitate him and use his skull for a cup. Frank just silently shivers in fear as Hecurzo lashes out at him for being a "little human bish" then demands no more phone calls.

Kenson also demonstrates poor common sense.


  • He secretly does crack cocaine.
  • He is one of France City's top bicycle racers (he bribed some people to make him that, tho).
  • He loves the movie Independence Day and wants it to become a reality and be filmed by the White Rabbit.
  • His master (and ours, typically) is William Calvin Morgan.
  • He is very skilled at blackjack, roulette and Yahtzee.
  • He is eating up large portions of pizza.
  • He confessed in one video that he is a Christian by religion.
  • He needs a small loan of a two million dollars.
  • He firstly tried to become only the President of the United States but now tries to become god of the entire world.
  • He also wants to nuke India (he wants to nuke everything, actually).
  • He liked Justin Bieber's page on Facebook for a twelve billion dollars.
  • He watched the video "Stoner Scary Movie" numerous times.
  • He sells weed and heroin on the side. He probably sold some weed and heroin to Emily Tremblay.
  • He doesn't like Rainbow Dash (nobody likes her, actually).
  • He loves robots.
  • Kenson's private times include washing and playing around with the gold bars and stocks held at Fort Knox.
  • He loves bombing the Middle East, but due to Lard's Accords, he is unable to bomb up Outworld, or any other planet.
  • Kenson has made numerous racist, some sexist and a lot of idiotic comments in his speeches ever since he decided to run for presidency and even does it today.
  • He once claimed he respects the Confederate flag and that the South should've win the Civil War, however due to controversy, he immediately apologised for this.


Theme song

Barzini's theme song is BYOB (Bring Your Own Bomb) by System of a Down but its more of an anti-song used against him. SOAD does not like his rule one bit, but then again, who does really like Kenson's Dictatorship after all?

System of a Down - B.Y.O.B

System of a Down - B.Y.O.B. (Kenson's theme song)

Anti song

This is the anti-song proposed to Kenson by Anti-Flag. Despite Frank himself claiming he doesn't support Eugene Connor nor Jim Crow laws, all of his racist comments are such a giveaway that he deserves to be titled all the stuff in the vid.

Anti-Flag - Racist (for Frank Kenson with lyrics)

Anti-Flag - Racist (for Frank Kenson with lyrics)