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Rosa's new boyfriend
The Godfather Game
Charlie Trapani
Charlie VS cops
Garrote Wire (Godfather)
1st of January, 2010
Dance, talk to Sonny, Poli and Monk, kill/choke all the cops, free Rosa, kill Galtasino
The Cops
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"Well, well, well, hmm? Who do we have here? Heh, a bunch of celebrities, are we? Well, we'll see about that..."
— Joe Galtasino to Rosa's guests

After the attempt on Vito Corleone's life was unsuccessful, the Corleone family enjoyed a brief peace. On France's Celebration, 2010, several top soldiers including Poli Gatto, Marty Malone and Charlie Trapani (as well as Sonny Corleone) attended a party at Rosa's, a flower shop that had a club.

Party's Over, Punks!

As the night got on, the party was suddenly crashed by police comrade Joe Galtasino and his men, who were known to be under the thumb of the Tattaglia family. They beat up the Corleones and Galtasino took madame Rosa Morelli away for a little "interrogation".

A New Year's Accident

Charlie Trapani managed to make his way out of the guarded flower shop, stealthily executing several police officers along the way, before infiltrating American Imports Inc. where Rosa was being held. Reaching the roof, Trapani fought with Galtasino before throwing the corrupt policeman to his death. Morelli hurry ran up and dropped a bottle of whiskey on the corpse over the roof, before saying: "It was an accident, I didn't mean to throw it!"