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Call of Duty: Nuclear War
1st Lieutenant Michael Fontaine
USAF and US Army Rangers
M24, FGM-172 SRAW, AR-15 Grenadier w/ACOG Scope and Beretta M92F
Cause a chain reaction by destroying the tanker near the petrol station.
Grab intel from computers in each house.
Disarm the bomb in the pet shop.
Aboard the AC 130.
Level the apartment building.
Escort the squad to the extraction by using the AC 130.
Ultranationalists, Soviet and Russian Mafia
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

Michael is sent in to grab intel from computers and take them back to the airbase in Albany, USA. They destroy tanker to destroy a petrol station to stop half of the enemies. Then they take the intel and then disarm a bomb in a pet shop. He then gets to run way boards a AC 130 and becomes a gunner. He then uses it to level an apartment building and escort the squad to the extraction.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

Wolf Company logo changes to the USAF logo

"Michael, we have fix on the intel. Moscow. I want you and your squad to check it out."
— Lopez
"Roger that."
— Fontaine

Ingame Edit

(Mission starts off in a truck.)

  • Foley: Since when do we get dragged into this?
  • Mike: Mmm... Salmon.
  • Fernandez: He's alive. I know it.
  • Mike: A Nuke hit his helicopter.

(A Radio transmission.)

  • Jamie: Mike this is Salmon, we've encountered Krum's special forces in Oman! Do not trust Krum! Say again do not trust Krum! Soap get down!

(It cuts.)

  • Mike: Damn!!!

(The truck crashes into a electric fence.)

  • Cab passenger: The drive is dead. We have to go on foot.
  • Mike: Roger that.

(Invasion Intro.)

  • Mike: Let's go.
  • Winona: We getting fire from that gas station.

(They fire towards the gas station.)

  • Mike: The fuel tanker. Go for the fuel tanker.
  • Wade: I'll take care of it.

(He plants a C4 on the tanker.)

  • Wade: Planted now get back!

(They get back and he detonates it destroying the petrol station and killing the enemies in it.)

  • Mike: Well done. Wade, I'll putting you in for a promotion to Senior Airman.

(AFC Wade's rank on HUD changes to SRA Wade.)

  • Riley: Let's go.
  • Overlord: 82 Airborne Division, Hotel Team this Overlord. There is enemy intel in the area. collect as much intel from the computer as possible.
  • Foley: Roger that.
  • Mike: You heard move it, Hotel Four.

(They get to first computer in an abandon hotel and start the download. 2890 is waiting to be completed. They hold off a few soldiers and several rpg soldiers.)

  • Mike: Keep going.

(The download completes.)

  • Foley: Grab the DSM.

(He takes the DSM.)

  • Mike: Got it. Now on to the next one.

(They get to the second computer in clothes store.)

  • Foley: Start the download.
  • Mike: Starting it.

(They start the download. A few soldiers, several rpgs and Riot Shields soldiers come in to stop them but the effort fails. Download completed at the same mount of time.)

  • Mike: DSM complete (he takes it) let's go.
  • Foley: One more to go.

(They get to the last and final computer in a car. They start it and guard.)

  • Mike: Oh shit...

(Juggernauts run up behind destroyed cars.)

  • Foley: Juggernauts!! Explosives and high caliber weapons needed.
  • Juggernaut: Gave up, you American pig.

(They hold off the attacking Juggernauts. Download completes. Mike grabs the DSM.)

  • Overlord: Hotel Eleven, Overlord. You have General Taylor on the line.
  • Taylor: Mike, I want you to disarm a bomb in pet shop. It's east of your location.
  • Mike: Understood.

(They head to the pet shop. Mike begins disarming the bomb)

  • Mike: Give me a minute.
  • Foley: You heard the man. Move.

(They cover him and then he finally disarms the bomb.)

  • Mike: Bomb defused.
  • Taylor: Copy that. Mike there's an AC-130H Spectre at Airport. Callsign, Warlord. They need a gunner.
  • Mike: Okay then heading to Zakheav International.

(He heads to the airport and gets in the 130.)

  • Warlord Pilot: Let's go.

(They go up and reach a perfect height.)

  • Taylor: I want you to Level that apartment building. It's believed to be a stronghold to Makarov. Whatever Makarov owned goes bye-bye.
  • Mike: Roger.
  • Taylor: Watch for IR Strobes.

(He attacks the hotel. It is destroyed)

  • Mike: Hotel demolitioned.
  • Taylor: Mission Complete. Now escort the your squad and rangers to the green smoke
  • Mike: Yessir.

(He takes out several attackers. Then they reach extraction.)

  • Taylor: Good job team.

(End of mission)

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