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Church Defenders
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File Retriever
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Sgt. Riley "Poach" Parker
Wolf Company and Russian Loyalists
Suppressed M4A2, Suppressed PSG1 and suppressed M9
New Town, Russia
Day 5, 2018
Retrieve the file/dossier on the General
Shadow Company and Ultranationalists
Multiplayer map
Nuclear Town

Walkthrough Edit

Poach is set with two rangers Wapner and Capner and Commander Blake Johnson. They sneak through the enemy base and steal the dossier.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"We have a possible lead on General Radanovich but that his up to the Australians and British."
— Red

USMC logo changes back to the Wolf Company logo.

"I know how we can get the information on this General, it's located in New Town. Poach, I want you Wapner and Capner to go there and get the dossier."
— Salmon
"What if it's not there?"
— Soap
"Soap's right."
— Price
"It better be."
— Salmon
"Captain Salmon, permission to ask Commander Johnson to come along?"
— Poach
— Salmon

Ingame Edit

(Camera shows Private First Class Wapner and Lance Corporal Capner with Ghillie Suits and silenced Dragunovs

  • Poach: Keep your weapons suppressed you two.
  • Wapner: Roger.
  • Blake: Let's go.

(Blake move down the hill and spot 4 tangos)

  • Blake: Four tangos. I'll take the right. You go for the left. On your mark.

(Poach shoots both soldiers and Blake shoots his targets.)

  • Blake: Good.

(2 more walk down near a gate.)

  • Blake: Shoot one an i'll take care of the other one.

(They kill them.)

  • Blake: Perfect.

(They encounter a few more. Then they get to the dossier.)

  • Blake: Grab the dossier.
  • Poach: Okay.

(He grabs the dossier.)

  • Poach: Got it.

(End of mission.)

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