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Eye Right
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Captain Jamie Salmon
SAS, TF141 and Wolf Company
F88 Austeyr scoped with Suppressor, Single Action Army and USAS-12 Shotgun Suppressed
Kabul, Afghanistan
Find Nikita Radanovich. Ambush Nikita Radanovich. Chase after the Nikita. Get in the Pave Low. Kill Jerkov and his assistant
Russian Sercet Service

Walkthrough Edit

Jamie and MacMillan sneak around Kabul finding Nikita Radanovich, then they spot him and ambush him and then chase him then find out that its his nephew and Salmon ambushes him with Shadow Company Pave Low and kills Jerkov and his assistant.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

(Some photos as Jamie talks is put down.)

"This is Nikita Radanovich, he holds the rank General. I know where he is MacMillan and I will go to Kabul on the south. Price and Soap you go from the north. Suppressed weapons only. This ends now."
— Jamie
"Strange, we should of ended this were when Shepherd died."
— Price

Ingame Edit

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