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Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Wolf Company and US Army Rangers
SGT James Ramirez
UMP .45 w/ ACOG Scope (30+420), AK 5, C3A1 Sniper rifle, 4 frag grenades, 4 flashbangs and 7 throwing knives
Arlington County, Virginia, USA
Day 8, 2019
Escape The Pentagon.
Get to the Arlington National Cemetery Alive.
Put red smoke up for extraction.
Survive until the helicopter comes
Krum's Special Forces

Walkthrough Edit

Now they have the information they are going for extraction from Virginia. They first escape The Pentagon then get to the National cemetery. They put up red smoke for extraction and they hold there own until it arrives.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

Wolf and Rangers logo appears

"E.T.A, half an hour on those choppers, Captain Foley."
— Captain Salmon
"No good. We'll be corpse for then minutes by then. Every Ultranatonalist psycho in Krum's Forces is about to show up on our doorstep, coming to claim Mikhail."
— Captain Foley
"Or what's left of him. We'll have to leave him behind, and get to the extraction."
— Captain Salmon

Ingame Edit

(The level starts with Ramirez waking up with wall near him destroyed and Captain Salmon is reloading his AK47 with armour piercing bullets. He sees Ramirez and helps him up.)

  • Captain Salmon: Ramirez, get up and cover us!

(The roof starts to light in flames. Escape same as Hellfire from Modern Warfare 2.)

  • Ramirez: Dunn! Cover our front!
  • Dunn: I'm got troops behind us!
  • Captain Salmon: Throwing Semtex.

(He throws a semtex grenade destroying a nearby wall.)

  • Ramirez: Let's go! Let's go!

(They fight through and go through the destroyed wall. They encounter more troops.)

  • Captain Salmon: Keep counterattacking! Watch our back in the progess!

(The Pentagon takes heavy damage from a B-2 Spirit. The roofs and walls start to collapse. The squad makes goes forward to escape.)

  • Captain Foley: Come on, team.

(The squad goes to the entrance they went in before but the Spirit makes another pass and destroys the area.)

  • Captain Salmon: Son of a...!

(The squad go another way to exit. They head right but The Pentagon starts to collapse.)

  • Dunn: Go back!

(A wall is destroyed.)

  • Overlord: Captain Foley, I'm sorry for having a late squad for you.
  • Captain Foley: Roger that, Overlord.

(They exit and the squad watch as the Pentagon starts collapsing and exploding.)

  • Captain Salmon: Not again. Anyway time to go. Extraction is taking place at the National Cemetery.
  • Dunn: Then let's go.

(Extraction run same as Endrun. They run towards the Cemetery.)

  • Captain Salmon: Keep running but watch your back!

(More enemies show up. They engage.)

  • Captain Salmon: Fire!! Keep up the fire!!!

(They get to the a grass area and run Northwest while encountering the enemy.)

  • Captain Salmon: Watch out!!

(Mortar rounds barrage the area. They finally get to the extraction zone. Battle from Modern Warfare 2)

  • Captain Salmon: Ramirez lay down red smoke.

(He does so.)

  • Golf Seven-One: This is Golf Seven-One we see your smoke. We're coming to ya.

(More troops come and shoot.)

  • Golf Seven-One: ETA 90 minutes
  • Captain Salmon: Oh crap! Okay we have to wait 90 minutes to get transport!

(They defend teh troops as long as they can.)

  • Ramirez: That helo better hurry or we're dead in soon!

(They keep up the fire power. Endrun.)

  • Captain Salmon: We're bloody on our own for now!

(They keep shooting. A helicopter is seen after 90 minutes. Liftoff similar to The Gulag Liftoff)

  • Golf Seven-One: Sending the SPIE rig.

(They drop the rig.)

  • Captain Salmon: Let's go! Let's go!

(They grab on and get aboard. Level ends)

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