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Ethan Allen Fernandez
Ethan shorter hair close up
A close up of Ethan's face with shorter, neater hair, and a white T-shirt.
Biographical information
Also known as TBA
Nationality 800px-Flag of the United States svg American (nationality of birth country)

Cuban flag Cuban

Puerto Rico flag Puerto Rican

Born 14th of April, 1996
Died N/A
Age 22 (now), 14-18 (Weapon Wielders)
Status Alive
Birthplace Burlington, Vermont, United States of America
Deathplace N/A
Cause of death/incarceration N/A
Physical description
Eye colour Hazel
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity White Hispanic/Latino American
Height 5'10" (178 cm) (adult), 5’7” (170 cm) (first and second year of high school), 5’9” (175 cm) (third and fourth year of high school)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg) (adult, third and fourth year of high school), 145 lbs (65.7 kg) (first and second year of high school)
Blood type O-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Air Force Junior ROTC, Shepherd-Dixmor preparatory school
Occupation(s) Student, wannabe fighter pilot
Notable family members Isabella Fernandez (mother), Julia Abigail Fernandez (sister), Joseph Fernandez (father)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) TBA
Voiced by (English) Cod1

Ethan Allen Fernandez is an original character created by Cod1. He is one of the main characters in Weapon Weilders. He is from Burlington, the biggest city in the state of Vermont. His mother is Puerto Rican, and his father is Cuban.

Him, Candace Claire Baker, and Justin Paul Florio, are the main trio of friends. He currently wields the Tri-edge dagger as his weapon.

Personality and traits

Ethan is usually reserved about sharing his feelings. Although he is able to communicate well, he feels much more deeply than he speaks. Only those that are close to him will ever really know him. Will see 'it' through even if he is unhappy, his commitment unwavering. Will make many mistakes believing he has made a 'wise' choice. He tends to be optimistic, and sweet.

Ethan is very knowledgeable about history, and geography, and can recognize nearly any country on a map, but he isn’t very good at math. He is near-sighted so he wears glasses, but will most likely end up getting laser eye surgery to correct his vision to 20/20 when he turns 21 so he can be an air force pilot. He plays video games with Justin, Carl Degrasse Dawkins, and sometimes Wendy Wong as well. Ethan isn’t nearly as good at singing as his sister, but he can play guitar, and Harmonica, very well.

Both of his parents where jocks in high school so they taught Ethen the importance of physical fitness, but Ethan didn’t care very much about sports and exercise until he got into high school. Ethan, and Candace, both share a love of milk. He is among the “sleepless elite”, 1% to 3% of the world population that need less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep per night, he only needs at least five hours of sleep per night. Ethan is an Air Force Junior ROTC cadet.

He dreams of one day become a fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, and loves to play Digital Combat Simulator which is a free to play combat flight simulator that is known for being hard due to its realism, and attention to detail. Ethan isn’t nearly as good at baseball as his father (at least at the beginning of the series), but he is very good at swimming.

Ethan had a problem with his heart when he was a younger, so it was replaced with an engine created by Medical Mechanica that is powered by burning alcohol or gasoline. The engine is made of metal, so Ethan can get stuck to magnets easier than most people. The engine can go for up to a month without being refilled, but that’s if Ethan barely does any exercise. In the video game, the player could get the option of replacing Ethan’s eyes with MK2 Eyeball, also created by Medical Mechanica, It is unknown if Ethan will also do this in the show.

The engine can help him run faster. During the first season, he can run up to 20 miles per hour (32.18 kilometers per hour). Ethan can theoretically run up to 40 miles per hour (64.37 kilometers per hour) (this is said to be the fastest humans can possibly run). However, using the engine’s power to run fast burns up fuel faster, also a lot of heat, and the smell of gasoline will come out of Ethan’s rear end while he is doing this. Ethan calls this ability his “afterburners”.

Fernandez will usually end up looking like a “road map” while using this ability because of a lot of blood pumping through his body at a fast rate.


The creator had a few different ideas for his clothes, and hairstyle. The clothes that the creator liked at one point was a T-shirt with thirteen horizontal red and white stripes, slim-fit blue jeans, blue socks, red and white vans authentic skate shoes, and an olive drab military style jacket. Cod1 calls this the "patriotic look".

The hairstyle that the creator liked best at one point was a short fade on the sides and back of head + Hard Part + Long Fringe, with brown hair colour, and a clean shaven face. In December 2017, the creator decided that Ethan should have more of a 90s style to go with his sister Julia’s 80s style. Just like the “patriotic look” this style was just an idea and may not be the final look. Even though he loves to eat junk food like hamburgers, pizza, french fries, and chicken nuggets, he is in good shape thanks to his exercise routine.

In high school, and Air Force Junior ROTC, Ethan had an ivy league haircut with a short fade on the sides, a little bit longer on top, and was shorter in stature, standing at 5’7” (170 cm) in his first, and second year, and 5’9” (175 cm) in his third, and fourth years. His hair is somewhat wavy in texture. He is considered “young and handsome” looking by many people, but he still isn’t very good at getting girlfriends since he tends to be too shy around most of the girls he likes. While attending Shepherd-Dixmor preparatory school, he usually wears a blue polo shirt, tucked into khaki trousers, a black belt, red, white, and blue Vans shoes, khaki socks, glasses, and a brown A-2 leather flight jacket that belonged to his late maternal grandfather who was a tail gunner on a B-17 Flying Fortress during World War II that Ethan wears as a way to honour and remember him.


Hunter Jones

Main article: Hunter Jones

Jones and Ethan Fernandez once had a swimming race in the school pool. According to Jones, “Fernandez swims very quickly, like a shark”, making it impossible for Jones to win. After the race, Jones calls Fernandez a “wetback” who probably “swam across the Florida Straights to come here”. Fernandez knew that Jones was just being “salty” for losing the race, and just told him to “stop being salty, this isn’t a salt water pool like the one at my house”.



  • Ethan is one of the characters in the story that is based off people the creator has met in real life.
  • His name is a reference to a patriot, hero, and politician, who fought in the American Revolution.
  • The creator came up with the idea of Ethan having one of his heart replaced by an engine while he was drunk.