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The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday
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Pack Hunters
Call of Duty: Nuclear War 2
Sgt Ken "Aura" Harris
Wolf Company
Minigun on Jackwolf 2-5
30 metres above Frances Bay
Day 4, 2019
Escort the Airforce to Cape York. Eliminate the three waves of enemies. Make it to the sub alive.
Shadow Company and Krum's Special Forces


Jackwolf 2-5 is shown and Aura is on the minigun. They are instructed to escort the RAAF helicopters while transporting goods to Cape York. They then eliminate three waves of enemies then they head out to sub.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"We got the dossier. Now it's time to read about Shepherd."
— Captain MacTavish

141 logo changes to the Wolf Company Logo.

"Yessir, Understood sir. Alright, listen up. Command wants us to go and protect an air force delivery. We have Jackwolf 2-5 with us. Jackwolf is mean helicopter. So lock and load."
— Captain Salmon

Ingame Edit

(Level begins with Aura on a minigun.)

  • Captain Salmon: Aura, stay awake okay. We don't won't you to knock our boys down.
  • Aura: Roger that, sir.

(Seven fighters are seen.)

  • Captain Salmon: Enemy fighters, all units engage targets.
  • All: Solid Copy, engaging targets.

(They start shooting the fighters. Three Hinds shoot down Jugglewolf 2-5.)

  • Captain Salmon: Aim for the Hinds!
  • Leviathan: Copy that, engaging Hinds!

(They take out the Hinds.)

  • Swampwolf 2-5: I see survivors from, Jugglewolf 2-5. Requesting permission to go in for a Search and Rescue.
  • Captain Salmon: Granted.

(Swampwolf 2-5 turns around and descends to the crashed helicopter.)

  • Leviathan: Stay frosty, they'll be more.

(The same Hydrogen missile goes above them.)

  • Aura: Sir! We have a nuclear missile, a hydrogen missile in the air!
  • Captain Salmon: Don't shoot it!

(He flies past making the helicopter shake. Then fast movers come and destroy Swampwolf 2-5 and the survivors. Then more helicopters attack)

  • Captain Salmon: Destroy the attackers.

(They do so. They reach Cape York.)

  • RAAF: Accelerate 2-5 to Captain Salmon, thanks for the assist.
  • Captain Salmon: Roger that.

(They start to move out.)

  • General Rogers: Captain Salmon, there is waves of enemies in certain places. Your first target is at the 144 Army Cadet Unit in McConathie Street of Atherton.
  • Captain Salmon: Roger that, sir. Out. Move to McConathie Street.

(They fly over some places.)

  • Aura: It's great view from here.
  • Captain Salmon: Roger that.

(They arrive. Soldiers fire towards the helicopter.)

  • Captain Salmon: Lock and Load, men. And any damage to those buildings in the cadets and this mission fails.
  • Aura: Copy that, sir.

(They take out some soldiers.)

  • Queenwolf 2-5: Captain Salmon we are deploying a sniper on the supply shack.
  • Captain Salmon: Roger that, sir.

(The sniper takes out some of the soldiers.)

  • Sniper: That's all of them. Now divert to Grace Street in Herberton.
  • Captain Salmon: Roger that.

(They get to Grace Street. Soldiers attack from Royal Hotel Herberton.)

  • Captain Salmon: Attack the soldiers in the Hotel.
  • Aura: Engaging targets.

(Targets killed.)

  • General Rogers: Now divert to Earlville. Out.
  • Captain Salmon: You heard him move.

(They get to Earlville.)

  • Queenwolf 2-5: Travis and Sovereign, fire you damn weapons!

(They start to fire and they kill them all.)

  • HQ: Objectives complete now get to the sub.

(They head out and are attacked but safely make it to the sub.)

(End of missions.)

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