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Escaping the mess
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
1st Lt. Michael Fontaine
USAF, Wolf Company and Army Rangers
M4A3(SOPMOD), Mk.23 with aim laser and suppresser, Javelin and M82A3 with Suppresser
Simpson Desert, Northern Territory, Australia
Day 4, 2018
Destroy the Tanks (3/3). Destroy the vehicles in the motor pool. Destroy the enemy extraction helicopter. Get to the LZ alive
Shadow Company
Multiplayer map


Flight Lieutenant Michael Fontaine has survived the crash and no he is fighting with the Rangers and Captain Salmon. They fight through endless waves and use raptor missiles to destroy three tanks and vehicles in a motor pool. Then a helicopter comes in toextrct the enemy but is shot down. Then they all finally escape.



"Poach! What's the reading."
— Salmon
"Not good sir, an enemy tank is on it's way. Cut through a motor pool, then head north! I'll pick you up on the Skywolf 2-5."
— Poach
"Roger that, Salmon out!"
— Salmon


(The camera is shaking.)

  • Salmon: Foley, stay down!
  • Ramirez: Sir, I got a live one here.
  • Jamie: Mike, get up Lieutenant! Get up! Get up!

(Mike gets up.)

  • Vaughan: Take this and stay down.

(Vaughan gives Mike a Scar-H then is shot)

  • Dunn: Vaughan!
  • Macey: He'll live! I can fix him him up!
  • Jamie: Just get him outta of here Sergeant!
  • Macey: Yessir.

(Mike empties his gun on a soldiers.)

  • Mike: I'm out.
  • Jamie: Heads up. (He throws a mag) Here take this mag. Make it count!

(A predator missile launched by Jamie hits all targets.)

  • John: Sir! Good shot.
  • Jamie: Name, rank and service number.
  • John: Private John T. Julian, service no. 34806849
  • Jamie: Is that the truth soldier. Because in Easy Company that was a guy also like that.
  • John: Some people are the same sir. But I am telling the truth but we're not related.
  • Jamie: Understood
  • John: Jethro and Wayne are missing sir.
  • Jamie: Wayne was confirmed KIA before I came here. I think. Spot is MIA.

(Jamie hands Mike the predator)

  • Jamie: Destroy those tanks Lieutenant!
  • Mike: Sir, yes sir.

(He prepares the predator.)

  • Mike: Firin predator. (Tank destroyed.) Confirmed destruction

(Invasion Intro. Readies another one.)

  • Mike: Predator launched. (Tank destroyed.) Tank gone.

(Another is fired and hits.)

  • Mike: Tanks destroyed.
  • Jamie: Solid Copy.
  • Foley: Hooah.
  • Jamie: Follow me to the motor pool.
  • Foley: You heard 'em. Go! Go! Go!

(They get to the motor pool.)

  • Jamie: Mike, use the predator and destroy those vehicles
  • Mike: Roger.

(All vehicle destroyed.)

  • Jamie: Poach! I'm heading up hill. Wait for my flare. Let's go people. The Ultranationalists are on the alert. They ordered the Shadow Company to kill on sight. (Dog jumps at Macey and Vaughan then kills them.) Dogs!!! I hate german shepherds!

(They get to the LZ. Jamie throws a green flare)

  • Poach: I have your location. Just hold on.

(They attack the attackers then the Helicopter arrives and they aboard.)

  • Salmon: Get us back to Soap and Price.

(End of Mission)

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