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Emperor Unterlord
Nickname(s) Master 190, Emperor Unterlord, Master, MASTER!
Rank Colonel (U.S. Army), General-Fieldmarshal (Empire)
Affiliations United States Army, Novel Empire
Birth September 15th, 1990
Death Unknown
Weapon M16, M4 carbine, G36, M249, M9 pistol, M2 Browning Machine Gun, M24 sniper rifle, RPG-7, MP5, M1911, Atom bombs, RPG-7
"I coming you killed 2012 yeah or later I you WAR! With my new weapons (Atom bombs with invisible shields) with lasers you cannot stopping!"
— Emperor Unterlord

Emperor Unterlord is the emperor of the Empire of the Novel in Africa. He has an army of troopers that were trained by war veterans, and atom bombs with shields that can't be destroyed by ABL's. He claims to be a soldier named Colonel David Heide, but people like rs4life07 say he isn't a real soldier, and that he has mental health problems. He is from Germany and plays games on his PC. He speaks three languages German, English, and Arabic. He was sent to Iraq in Feburary 2008 as a soldier of Charlie Company, 101st airborne division. One night, at the base, that he was in, he was attacked. He went over to a machine gun and defended his fellow soldiers from terrorists. He claims that, he won the Medal of Honor for his heroism. He also hates Nazis and thinks that all of the Europe supports them. A lot of times he says that he wants to use his army of troopers, and his atom bombs with invisible shields, to kill all the Nazis, and blow up all of the Europe (faking bastard, Europe will not be destroyed). He seems to have a lot of power, in fact, he even tells some of the people he hates that, if he calls the police or bounty hunter, the person who disrespects him will be thrown in jail for life via portal to Never Never Land, where's the jail is located. General Jack Smith, one of his friends defends him alot, and will even get banned for trying to help him.

RDR Apperance

Emperor also makes a minor appearance in Red Dead Redemption, a classic western game. He can be seen with his hands up in the air and surrendering in Gold Town bank, being one of the hostages by Dutch's Gang, after Dutch's Gang butchered the whole bank, Emperor was the only one left, the gang members rob him and let him be instead of killing him, like the other hostages. It could also be that they feared him, mostly because of his might. But Dutch's boys fear no one.