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Don Emilio Barzini Sr.
Emilio Barzini
Sorry, Johnny. It's just business. Give it to him.
Biographical information
Real name Hermann Napoleon Emilio Ludwig van Barzini IV
Also known as Don Barzini, The Wolf, Barzini, Emilio Sr., Boss, Transgressor
Nationality France flag French
Born 12th of March, 1959
Died 1st of August, 2011
Age 52
Status Deceased
Birthplace Little Town, France City, France, Europe
Deathplace Foley Square's Courthouse, Little Town, France City, France
Cause of death/incarceration Shot in the face with a Double-barrel Shotgun by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Ethnicity Dark European
Height 5'7
Weight 71kg
Blood type B+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Barzini Family, Tattaglia Family (former)
Occupation(s) Don of Barzini Family, celebrity, investor, shareholder
Notable family members Laura Barzini (wife), Francesco Barzini (father), Ettore Barzini (brother), Antonia Barzini (mother), Deadly Ed Barzini (cousin), Victor Barzini (son), Emilio Barzini III (son), Viani Barzini (niece), Bobby Toro (brother-in-law), Carla Barzini (sister), Roberto Barzini (nephew), Diamond Tiara (adopted daughter), Norman Barzini (son), Umberto Toro (nephew-in-law), Carmine Barzini (nephew-in-law), Gianna Stracci (niece-in-law), Giuseppe Stracci (grand nephew-in-law), Enzo Barzini (grand nephew-in-law)
Goals Kill Don Vito Corleone
Take over whole France
Take over whole Europe
Take over the whole Earth (all failed)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Main appearance(s) (Cartoons) None
Voiced by (English) Michael Kopsa
Portrayed by Richard Conte
"If Don Vito Corleone had all the judges and politicians in France City in his big pocket, he would be so tough and I don't know how much strong, all right!? He isn't, if he would... he would make us look like poor, dumb and smelly mice, but actually we are stronger; me, my son Victor, Bobby, Tomasino, my brother Ettore, Tiara, Paul, my father Francesco, Harvey, my nephew Roberto, my cousin Eduardo... we are the kings, not him and his stupid and weak, nigga-s family! He must let us drink the water from the well, to throw us into a trap but we won't let that happen. Certainly he can - present taxes for such services; after all - we are not murderers, homeless bums, Ultranationalists, racists or Communists. We are richer than all of you. We are aligned to the Project and we don't give a sith! We are the cutest, toughest, and most powerful criminal underworld empire, and again, we don't give a inch and an ounce of sith or crap about you, you dumb and stupid idiotical maggots. *Steals people's money from their bank accounts* Voila! I'm rich, you're not. Hahaha! Deal with it, jerknuts! Also... *Shuts down whole France City electricity* Ready to give up? I read your mind and you said no. Okay! And what's a powerful and ultimate crime lord, without his own personal signature? *Writes "Don Barzini" in his laptop, which views on the windows of some buildings* France, you've got your ultimate crime. MWAHAHAHA!!! (False applause and boos) Thank you, poor, stupid, flightless and scared gobsiths. I also placed freedom with fear, I trade money for lives. I will never pay for my crimes, FACE IT, HYPOCRITES!!! Also *whispers* Hail Shinnok, hehehehe."
— Emilio talking about his family and Corleone family and insulting everyone in the town, steals their money, shuts down the light around the city and writes his nickname in the laptop, which is seen on the windows of some buildings

Emilio Barzini was a French mobster who was the first boss of the Barzini Family. He had a younger brother named Ettore Barzini. In the 2004 he founded his organisation and made lots of money off of prostitution, money laundering, diamond smuggling, alcohol smuggling without a license, selling drugs from Sons of Samedi and Andrew St. John, and other criminal vices. He had police and political protection, which he fought over with Don Vito Corleone of the Corleone Family during The Five Families Mob War of 2010-2011, during the course of which he was murdered. And he's the father of Norman Barzini, Victor Barzini, Diamond Tiara and Emilio Barzini III.


Emilio Barzini was born to Francesco Barzini and Antonia Barzini in Little Town, France City, in 1959. His family was of a big royal background, but with recent changes in the French economy, they became impoverished and poor, like most homeless and poorest bums in the world from city of Stilwater, but more poorer.

Barzini and his brother Ettore Barzini were employed as soldatos under Don Mariposa, a boss in the Mid Town and a powerful crime lord in France, during the 1990s and Barzinis worked as his hitmen. After the murder of Mariposa in 2004, the brothers split off from the family and founded their own gang. Barzini helped the rival Corleone Family kill Mariposa after an attempt to murder Don Vito Corleone turned into a massacre.

Barzini created the Barzini family after taking over smaller gangs and transformed his organization into the most powerful family in France, alongside with the Corleones. Barzini had a palace built, the Barzini Mansion, in Central Park, modeled after the mansion of Hollywood movie producer Jackson Woltz, whom he visited on a trip to the Las Vegas strip. Barzini had connections in Vegas, as well as in Spain, both of which places he had casino businesses in. Don Barzini also invested in prostitution, illegal gambling, smuggling unlicensed alcohol, selling explosives, smuggling weapons and diamonds, running chop-shops, slave labor, exporting cars, smuggling gold, hit contracts, and most infamously, drug dealing, supporting Virgil Sollozzo when he began the narcotics trade in 2009.

Barzini made lots of money off of the trade of marijuana, but he lost millions of dollars when Sollozzo was killed by the Corleones before the Five Families Mob War, as he was shot dead at the Luis's Restaurant in Mid Town on June 6, 2010. His death also caused an uproar with the rest of France's Five Families: the Tattaglia Family, Stracci Family, and Cuneo Family. Barzini was the master of Samuele Tattaglia, the Don of Tattaglias, and worked with his hitmen, and as Rico Tattaglia once said - "We Tattaglias are too weak, we carry the guns to battle, but do not pull the trigger. That is the job of The Wolf - Don Barzini". This was more than less true: Barzini was a criminal mastermind who planned out the Five Families Mob War, as well as the Bombing of Trapani's Bakery in 2008 and the Little Town War of 2009. Don Barzini pulled the strings when Cuneo, Tattaglia, and Stracci gunmen killed the Corleone Underboss, Santino Corleone in 2010.

After the murder of Sonny, Barzini and Corleone set up a meeting of The Commission at the Corleone Mansion. Barzini and the other Five Families dons, lawyers, and underbosses agreed that the Corleones would allow drug trade in their territory, so that they would get a cut into their political protection, and they could also chisel away at their Caporegimes's territory without revenge and bloodbath (not the band).

Don Barzini was accused by Don Corleone of being Santino's murderer after the meeting ended, as he recognised that Tattaglia did not have the brains to pull it off; Tattaglia was a pimp, and Barzini was the most dangerous threat to the family. Corleone swore on his grandchildren's life that he would not break the peace and continue the war, but his son Michael Corleone caused trouble, and Charlie Trapani used the excuse that his hit squad was operating under the orders of Pete Clemenza.

In 2011, Barzini's son Victor Barzini was captured and taken to Corleone mansion for interrogation after the funeral of Domenico Mazza, who was the Capo of the Barzini Family. His death led to Barzini claiming that Vito broke the truce, but he did not, since the hits were under orders from Michael.

In August 2011, Michael Corleone decided to put a hit contract out for Emilio, using the baptism of his son Oliver Corleone as an alibi so that he could avoid red tape for killing him. On August 1, at Foley Square's Courthouse in Little Town, Barzini was attacked by Trapani, who killed all of Barzini's soldati defending him. Barzini was wounded and begged Trapani to shoot him and get his revenge, since Barzini had ordered the death of Johnny Trapani, and Trapani finished him with a sure shotgun shot to the face. Barzini was succeeded as Don by Paul Fortunato, who created the Fortunato Regime.

In late 2011, Vito Corleone was killed, so Michael Corleone took over the family, but ruled it sadly as his father's murderer was never found.

In the video game

"I knew it - I knew it would be you. This isn't the end of Barzinis, I swear it!"
— Emilio Barzini's last words

In the video game, after a long personal vendetta, Charlie is accompanied by Al Neri to the City Hall where instead of being gunned down on the street, Barzini attempts to evade capture by Charlie. He is eventually cornered, and instead of putting up a fight, he admits defeat and taunts that the Barzinis are not quite dead yet. The player then is left with the choice of shooting him in head, killing him, finally avenging Charlie's and Aldo's father 3 years after his death.


"I say we should make peace... For 1,000$!"
— Emilio Barzini to Vito Corleone
"Sorry Johnny, it's just a business. Give it to him."
— Emilio ordering his soldiers to kill Johnny
"You're just a perv, what can you do!? And you know your work - Just crawl faster! Obey your master! Your life burns faster! Obey your Master! MASTER! Hahahaha! I'm your Master, Tattaglia, I'm pulling your strings! Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams! You pervert!"
— Emilio at Don's meeting, revealing that Tattaglias are under control of the Barzinis
"Hell will be worth all that for you, perv. Heheheh! Anyway this mob is an never ending maze. We fought for so many days. One day your life will be out of season. But don't worry, I will occupy, I will help you die! >:) I will run through you, now I rule you too! COME CRAWLING FASTER!!!! Yeah! Obey your Master, Sam."
— Emilio to Tattaglia again
"Oh Stracci, you're an asylum patient in a mobster's suit. What can you possibly do to change the mob war into a peace? Maybe the fact that we are sharing blood with you? About the bloodshare: we can make a powerful family with you."
— Barzini at the Don's meeting to William Stracci
"Oh please, Cuneo, you just drive chocolate around the city. I've eaten your chocolate and it tastes like crap! You're the worst chocolate maker ever! You're even worse than Willy Wonka! End the mob war and make the mob peace already!"
— Emilio at the Don's meeting, insulting Phillip Cuneo
"I really need to use the BATHROOM!"
— Emilio at the meeting
"Look, we are all reasonable men here, we don't need assurances, as if we were faking lawyers."
— Emilio Barzini
"Vito, if you give us 1000$ we will bring ya peace and Bobby will take care of Tattaglias. How does that sound?"
— Emilio trying to convince Don Corleone

In the Rap Battle

Verse 1

How dare you address moi, you adolescent worm!

I am French, you are a buck tooth nerd with a perm!

I spit at đou hases zan Tina the Llama.

Smacking your face till your lips swell up like Lafawnduh.

Doodle up some friends, you gangly freak show.

Before I toss you over zee mountain like the dreams of Uncle Woltz!

This bastard's about to see how bad a battle can be.

After zis, your sonny Salvatore will be voting for me!

Verse 2

Sacrebleu! T’as une tête a faire sauter les plaques d’egouts!

I'm going to shove your moon boots right up your poop shoot!

I'll rip you so bad, they'll make a virgin meringue!

Oh, you’re the only type of dynamite that's never going to bang!

Journal Entry

First time I heard of Don Barzini was probably also my last. By the fact that he is rich, I just know he will use his precious money to buy his men some new fancy set of weapons.


  • His rapping background was a brown paper with French writing and his rapping opponent was Don Stracci.
  • He once sang "Master of Puppets" by Metallica right in Don Tattaglia's face, which soon became Barzini's main musical theme.
  • He became so rich and famous in his time, he had his name and his face on signs on buildings. He was also presented in TV commercials, newspapers, internet, had his own fan club, cults that worshipped him, and after he was killed, like Цой Жив, he had a fan video-mail, the fan sobbing and funeral videos, and a lot of his fans were present at his funeral.