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Elvis Smoth
Biographical information
Real name Luciano Fabbri (changed to Elvis Jacob Smoth)
Also known as Edwin, Fat Man, Real Cuneo, Fat-s lawyer, fatso, Guinea Dago
Nationality Italian flag Italian
Born 25th of January, 1974
Died 6th of December, 2011
Age 37
Status Deceased
Birthplace Novara, Italy, Europe
Cause of death/incarceration Neck snapped by Charlie Trapani
Physical description
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'8
Weight 91kg
Blood type A-
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) Cuneo Family, Marco Cuneo
Occupation(s) Cuneo lawyer, mobster
Notable family members Phillip Cuneo (adopted father), Rudolph Tattaglia (adopted uncle-in-law), Marco Cuneo (adpoted brother) Carmin Cuneo (adopted brother) Phillip Cuneo Jr. (adopted brother), Marge Cuneo (adopted mother), Sweetie Belle (adopted sister), Tobias Cuneo (adopted uncle), Salvatore Cuneo (adopted uncle), George Cuneo (adopted uncle), Garnet (adopted aunt), Roberta Cuneo (adopted aunt)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) The Godfather Game
Voiced by (English) Rod Gnapp
"You piece of dirty sith! Think you can muscle in a my restaurant? Fak you!"
— Elvis to a Corleone soldier

Elvis "Edwin" Smoth was the Lawyer of the Cuneo Family from 2001 to 2011, participating in the war against the Corleone Family. He was a devious man for his enemies, knowing everything about mob warfare, and was an adopted family member of the Cuneos. His hit was thus sanctioned by Corleone Capo Pete Clemenza in 2011 after The Five Families Mob War. He was a war genius and a cunning Lawyer, and was known as "the Fat Man", but only for his eating.


Smoth was born in the Italian town of Novara. He was raised in France, when his family immigrated there from Italy. Edwin was fluent in both Italian and French, and was adopted by Cuneos when his parents were forced to leave the country because of the mob. Elvis was a smart thinker and studied law, practising the lives of a gangster as well as a lawyer. Edwin was top gunman for Phillip Cuneo in 2010 in his rise to power, working as his counsellor as well. With the thinking of Elvis Smoth and the trigger of Mario DeBellis, the Cuneos killed many Corleones and took over a Little Town factory from the rival family.

Elvis worked well with the 3 other families, but was always ready to conduct mob warfare. In the Five Families Mob War, he planned out most of the hit contracts against the Corleone Family again and become partner with the Stracci Family. In 2011, with most of the fighting over, he planned renewed warfare against the Corleone family.

Own told Bio

Oh hello, darling. My name is Edwin Smoth. I was originally named Luciano Fabbri – a name more suited for dressing up in fedoras and and ties, but despite that I still changed my name to sound more "greaser" like and "American". I was born in Novara, raised in France, and was known for my peaceful mobster kind persona and one of the led men of the Cuneo family, and even a member of theirs. The cool Queen songs like "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We are the Champions", "Bicycle Race" and "Another One Bites the Dust" are used by me in Cuneo bars and discos. Members of my family did not like the band Queen, they were uncomfortable with some of the homosexual connotations (of which Freddy Mercury did them). I went with the band anyway. Speaking of homosexual connotations, I prefer to play for both teams, love-wise, but why get caught up on labels? I was eventually killed one day by a cruel Corleone rat named Trapani who snapped my neck on the street in Old Town.

In Rap Battle

Verse 1

You think I haven't heard those things befo'?

You're just a homo who's too scared to go to wo'!

You like the song "My Way" but someone else wrote it!

You're the least counted rat in your whole pack of rodents!

You've got 4 notes in your whole range, you can't act and you can't dance!

I'm more powerful than you when I'm wearing women's pants.

Why do you stand there in a suit? It's like you're tryin' to bore me!

When I rock the UK, South America gets Onis!

Because my songs have balls, they're the anthems of victory!

Your music is like the soundtrack to a vasectomy!

You're in the pocket of the mafia, and everybody knows!

Guinea Dago!

Guinea Dago, Figaro!

Verse 2

I took one for both teams from a disease no one knew existed!

I didn't leave a mak' on history, I French-kissed it!

I'm the champion of the world! Extinguished in this prime!

So kiss my s, Victor (s!), you'll have to wait in line!


"Elvis Smoth, a Cuneo Lawyer. Big - and a big eater too, like me, kid. He's under guard, but can often be seen working in market for free lunch. Avoid his little pack of goons, make a Elvis Smoth Fat joke, and make sure Smoth sleeps with the fishes."
— Clemenza to Charlie

Elvis was whacked while buying some food from a hot dog restaurant. Corleone Underboss Charlie Trapani, equipped with several weapons and lots of ammunition, shot his way through Smoth's guards and reached him, telling a Smoth is so Fat Joke before snapping his neck. Elvis attempted to fire back with a Tommy but fell victim to a neck snap by Charlie. His body lied down on the street. 

His death weakened the Cuneos, who in turn planned to assassinate Corleone Capo "Fat" Pete Clemenza. And they did so years later.

Personality and traits

A master planner, and a "fat manh" in the Old Italian tradition, Smoth was a true Cuneo, vicious when double-crossed but otherwise a peaceful figure. When grabbed and asked by Richie Pisano, he offered him a chance to walk away, Richie was scared for a second and quickly run away.