Elliot Davy-Crockett
Nickname(s) Echo Delta Charlie
Appears in Call of Duty: The Warriors
Rank Undercover Operator
Affiliations War Force 415
Status KIA
Death 18th of July, 2008
Weapon Knife, Carlitan .44 Magnum
Voice Actor Unknown

Elliot Davy-Crockett is a character in Call of Duty: The Warriors. He is an undercover member of War Force 415, and he is seen in the mission Echo Delta Charlie. The team have to extract him from a fortified enemy position. When the team get there Elliot has been shot in the head. A person with his character model also makes a cameo appearance in The Godfather Game mission "Death Of The Traitor" talking with Nicky Corleone in Albassador Grill, another character from Godfather.

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