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Edward Bannon
Nickname(s) Private 6, Eddie
Appears in Call of Duty: Future Warfare: Allied Assault
Rank Private
Affiliations Wolf Company, 51st Division
Status Deceased
Birth 2023
Death May 1, 2041 Invasion Begins.
Weapon M4A1 and Austyer F88

Edward Bannon or by the callsign Private 6 is member of Wolf Company. He is a rifleman and sometimes a Light Machine gunner. Edward is an American-Australian soldier. His fights in both Battle of Korce and Battle at Afghanistan. He is killed by a mortar shrapnel while trying to help tank crew cross a minefield. He was awarded the Victorian Cross and the Purple Heart for his actions.


  • Edward has the same surnames as Captain Bannon from the World in Conflict series.
  • He does the same thing John Basilone did.
  • He and Private 5 are the only SAS soldiers with Landwolf in their callsigns.