Dr. Michael Spears
Mik Spears
Nickname(s) Dr. Spears, Mike
Appears in World of War: Revenge (Mentioned only)
Rank Scientist
Affiliations Marine Forces Laboratory
Status Deceased
Birth 1962, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Death Presumed dead before the events of World of War: Revenge.

Dr. Michael "Mike" Lee Phlillip Willem Spears is a minor character who is mentioned throughout the World of War: Revenge storyline. His position and status are not entirely known, though he may be deceased when Roger Pullman says: "I knew Dr. Spears, a good man he was". Though later in the story the truth unfolds about his fate and his works. He is a scientist is the U.S. Marines Labs, a controversial image that is speculated to be him has the face blurred, meaning he's been "blacked out" from the team.

Area Grid #2 Re-run

The Area Grid was a highly powerful rocket of mass destruction that Mike probably worked on. It can be found on the map Laboratory and a pool of blood can be seen near it, there is a great tare in the side of the rocket, presumably the reason how Mike died.


  • He has a son called Jacob.
  • There is a multiplayer map called Laboratory, presumably where he worked.
  • His rapping background was World of War: Revenge logo, and his opponent was the 3rd president of USA, Thomas Jefferson.
  • Mike didn't actually rap at all against Jefferson, despite being the main opponent, his son Jacob did.