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Don't Sit One Out
Modern Warfare 4
Corporal James Ramirez
U.S. Army Rangers


Augusta, Maine, USA
Take out Shadow Company Support

Shoot the incoming jeeps

Carry Sergeant Dunn and escape the artillery

Shadow Company
"We should of trusted the British. Now all the citizens of Maine are paying. We need to retake this state. Ooah?"
— Lieutenant Foley

Don't Sit One Out is the eighth level in Modern Warfare 4 and the first level of Act II.


Foley and Dunn are talking, while inside of a troop transport, before a mine goes off, and the truck tips over on it's side.

Foley picks you up and carries Ramirez, to the outside and lets you stand up and hands you a M4 SOPMOD, as a bomb goes off in the truck and kills everyone else in their squad. General Marshall orders the three to continue upwards, and to clear the streets, where they'll meet a group of four Rangers, and to use them as reinforcements.

The squad does so, as several Shadow Company troops use combat knifes in suicide attacks. Foley shows mercy on mislead Americans, by bashing their faces with rifles and shooting them in the leg so they can live, only if they stop fighting.

They find the troops, and they take place inside a house, with Intervention rifles as incoming troops are charging hard. They all snipe the trucks, but before the fighting is over, artillary flushes the out, killing three out of the four new Rangers, and only the leader of the quad, Captain Richardson, survives, but Dunn is injuried.

They escape into a truck, as they continue into Maine, where Richardson (now known has a Shadow Company assassin) tries to assassinate General Marshall, but quickly Ramirez gives him a head shot, saving Marshall. Ramirez is promoted to Second Sergeant for his actions.

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