Gold Eagle

Dollar and a Dime is the third level in Modern Warfare 4.

Previous level
The Price of Rescue
Next level
Death of Gold
Dollar and a Dime
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4
AGL (Automatic Grenade Launhcer), M4 or M16
Western China
Find out who Gold Eagle is
Shadow Company
Multiplayer map
Tunnel of Hell

Eagle's Hideout


The group are running away from Chinese troops and are running to Afghanistan to meet up with Marines. But on the way, they see Shadow Company attempting to stop them.

In the cover of night, the four secure the peremiter, as Gaz and Jamie Salmon stay outside. Price and Soap break in, taking revenge on forcing them to travel the world.

Quickly, Soap kills several Shadow Company grunts and hacks in their records, finding that someone with the name Gold Eagle survived a terrible injury to the head.

While the name brings back some memory, he finds that Gold Eagle is wanted by the Marines and is protected by Shadow Company. Searching further has been blocked so Soap contacts SAS command. They tell him that all they know is that Gold Eagle is wanted.

However, Price again has been captured by enemy forces, while searching the area. Soap quickly tells Gaz and Salmon that Price and Gold Eagle are being moved.

While looking down his Intervention scope, he sees Price being punched by someone who has a eye patch on.

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