Dmitri Deltski
Deltski is being asked a question
Nickname(s) Deltski
Appears in Call of Duty: Underground
Rank Governor (former), VIP
Affiliations Ultranationalists
Status KIA
Birth ????
Death ????
Weapon Colt Peacemaker

Dmitri Deltski is one of main antagonists in Call of Duty: Underground.


Dmitri was born and raised in Gdansk, Poland, along with his sister and three brothers. His father was a policeman and his mother was a music teacher. They moved in America in search of prosperity, when Dmitri was 13.

Dmitri and his family found a home in Trenton, New Jersey, where they lived as a immigrants from Poland. When Dmitri was 24, he's gone into politics and 14 years later, he became New Jersey's governor, who is now one of the Ultranationalists' VIP's in U.S.A.