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Disarming the Nuke
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Captain Richard "Predator" Blackman
Task Force 141
G36C w/ACOG Scope, Silencer, Mini-Uzi w/Silencer
Moscow, Russia
Make your way to the submarine.

Drop down.

Take out the sentries.

Disarm the nuke.

Take the escape pods.

Shadow Company

Disarming the Nuke is the ninth level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


After America is brought back to the Rangers, Task Force 141 discover a nuke hidden somwhere in Moscow. They then see a submarine controlled by Shadow Company. Soap tells Predator and Harrier to infiltrate the base while Price, him and Task Force 141 advise the two what to do. Once dropped in Moscow, the two snipe a couple of sentries deployed around the base. Predator then opens a hatch from the submarine and drops down with Harrier. Then Price advises the two to hurry up as the nuke will be launched in 5 minutes towards America, wiping out the continent. They take out a couple more soldiers and eventually reach the controls. Predator hacks into the computer system and disarms the nuke and saves America. Then, Harrier plants C4 in the fuel tanks and tells Predator to take the escape pods. The two go loud and kill some soldiers along the way and reach the pods. They take them and escape just in time as the submarine is destroyed and the nuke is detonated.