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Battle Royale
Devils and Angels
Allende's train
Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition
Jack Marston
The weapons ya selected
Great Plains, West Virginia, US
July 7, 1889
Kill Colonel Allende
Mexican Army
Multiplayer map
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Devils and Angels is a mission in Red Dead Revolver 3dn edition.


Jack Marston has just stopped the armoured train in which the Mexican Colonel was fleeing. He approaches the train to finish off with Allende once and for all, but meets resistance, of course.


Mission ObjectivesEdit

  • Force Allende to go out of the train.
  • Kill him.

Mission DetailsEdit

After the weapons selection screen, there is no cutscene. The mission begins immediately and Allende's health bar appears at the top of the screen. A soldier mounts a Gatling gun on the train and begins firing at the player while Allende takes potshots from within an armoured train car. Soldiers and cannons on the train also begin firing. Some soldiers will leave the train to fight out in the fields as well.

There are large rocks and trees to hide behind where Jack begins, but eventually these will be destroyed, so the player must make their way towards the train. Allende will take refuge within the armoured cart and will occasionally open a window to taunt and take potshots at Jack. When this happens, throw in a stick of dynamite to force him out.

Once Agustin leaves the train, he will begin firing at Jack with his rifle, using explosives or using the bayonet when close. Attack Allende until his health bar is depleted. The final cutscene will show scared Allende crawling away on his back, trying to bribe Jack in exchange for his life. When he utters the words; "What do you say partner?", much in the way William Williamson sold out Jack's father, Jack responds no by putting him down with a bullet to the head.

Mission FailureEdit

The mission will fail if:

  • The player dies.

Mission BossesEdit

  • Agustin Allende


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