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Baker's Wrath
Crashed heli
Call of Duty: The Warriors
Michael Smith
War Force 415
Carlitan .44 Magnum
14th of September, 2008
Kill Harrison Baker Jr.
Harrison Baker Jr.

Crashdown is the fifteenth and last level in Call of Duty: The Warriors. The mission's objective is to kill Harrison Baker Jr.


When you reach Baker's hiding spot, he takes off in his helicopter. You have to follow his helicopter and try and destroy it. Once you do, you approach the crash site... Then Baker appears out of nowhere and stabs Kinkallen with his Commando Knife. You get pushed to the floor and watch a long fistfight between Baker and Moore. Baker eventually gains the upper-hand and is just about to stab Moore when you shoot him with a Carlitan .44 Magnum. Baker falls onto Moore and after a few seconds Moore wakes up, helps the player up, and they throw Harrison Baker Jr. on the fire (Helicopter fire). Moore tells Carter the news, and he says the force have a new job to do. The screen fades and the game ends.

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