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Nothing is Easy
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
SgtMaj Red Nancarrow
M4A1 Grenadier w/ Thermal, M9 and Desert Eagle
Some place in Saudi Arabia
Day 5, 2018
Hold off the Shadow Company. Escape the church. Get to the LZ.
Shadow Company
Multiplayer map
Church Ruins

Walkthrough Edit

The Shadow Company are out to kill the marines. They escape from the church after heavy waves. Then they leave.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Now we have the dossier, we'll have to look at it. I wonder how your marines are doing."
— Poach

Wolf logo changes to the USMC logo

"Red, I suggest you get outta there. Several enemy foot-mobiles are headed your way."
— Command
"Roger that."
— Red

Ingame Edit

(Bit of the church falls on a randomly generated soldier which is always a Private First Class.)

  • Red: Private!
  • Miles: We have to hold them off!

(They kill most of the attacks.)

  • Marine: Keep firing!

(The church takes heavy damage after a airstrike.)

  • Red: We must escape.
  • Miles: Let's go!

(They run to a safe zone. Then they use the rooftops to escape. Red jumps a roof but falls. Red now has no weapons and must run for his life.)

  • Miles: Run.

(He cuts through some buildings. Then reaches topside.)

  • Miles: Jump sir, jump with all your might!

(Red jumps to the helicopter

(End of mission)

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