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The Hunter
Cornering the Pope
Call of Duty 8: End of the World
Sergeant Sam Jackson
U.S. Army Rangers
M4A1 Grenade Launcher, M1911
Rome, Italy
Shoot the gas tank.

Kill the Italian politicians.

Kill Pope Leonardo XVII.

Escape the Pallazo!

Italian Army

Cornering the Pope is the twelfth level in Call of Duty 8: End of the World.


The Rangers are now in the Pope's Pallazo, searching the rooms for him. Harrier tells them he is on the top floor and rapid forces are heading towards them. Foley shoots the gas tank which kills all of them. Then Soap tells them that there are 4 Italian Politicians with M240s below the top floor. Jackson kills them all and heads to the top floor. The Pope then grabs hold of Jackson and shoots him in the stomach with an M1024 shotgun. He kills Dunn, Anderson, Lopez, Evans and Harrison too. Foley then punches him in the jaw, breaking it. But he is shot too by him. Then Jackson pulls out his M1911 and shoots the Pope in the head and rips it off with his hands. Then the Pallazo collapses with the bodies of Foley's squad going down however Foley and Jackson make it out and jump on an Abrams tank. They make their way out of Rome with a success.

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