Unlocked By
The Hunt
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
Two Players (One Ultranationalist and One Loyalist spy)
AK 47, Thumper and Tear Gas Launcher
Townsville, Australia
Get to the Lavarack Barracks
Instruct each other to use a Predator drone and aim at the gates and the soldiers.
Instruct each other or even yourself and your mate to plant the C4 (Anywhere is destructible).
When you had enough tell your mate to leave and exit the building.
Go to Helicopter.
Choose the traitor under 30 minutes.
Kill your mate's character or except death or kill yourself.
Australian Soldiers
Australian FBI
Multiplayer map

This is two player co-operation level. Use your online names and don't have identical names to the main player (Important). If you give your mate an order to pick up something or destroy something that objective will be added to his/hers. If your higher then him you don't recieve non storyline orders from him but its the opposite if your lower then him. Friendly fire is allowed to killable characters.

Instructions Edit

Starting Edit

  • Select your online player.
  • Select a rank between Colonel and Private
  • Select difficulty
  • Start game

Talking Edit

  • Press Y, Start and go to the friend talk or left stick to talk to your friend so your friendlies don't think you are weird. Trust me unusual talking will get you killed.
  • Press nothing to talk with storyline or tell NPCs or your friend an order. Radio will pick up the speech as well.
  • Hold Z or the left stick to talk to your close by allies or your friend.

Dos and Don'ts Edit

  • Do: If your down and your friend has the medic ability call out to him
  • Don't: Don't accidentally say the wrong thing or Nikita will know your a traitor and shoot your mate or instruct you to do it resulting mission failure if it is early in the mission.
  • Do: Follow all orders Nikita throws at your.
  • Don't: Don't say stuff yourself to Nikita or Olga or you'll be shot on the spot resulting mission failure if it is early in the mission
  • Do: Discuss who you want the traitor to be so your friend won't get the wrong idea note: if you play with him again he'll after to be killed by you again.
  • Don't: Don't kill you mate early in the mission or nikita will kill you.

Objectives Edit

  • If a C4 is instructed by your to your mate or your mate to you as an objective a C4 indicator will pop up and that place where you/your mate wants the c4 will be destroyed
  • You can ask your mate to cover you if you want to plant C4 on something.
  • If you give out a new objective to one or another they have to complete it.


Work together and get to lavarack barracks plant the C4 on random places and get outside to detonate them then get to the helicopter and choose the traitor.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"The chaos 2 years ago was not too bright as we recover there traitor to analyse Him."
— Salmon

Ingame Edit

(Beginning of level starts in a boat.)

  • Nikita: Let's goh.

(When reach the predator area)

  • Nikita: (Player's names), get a predator on that gate and guards.

(When you get in lavarack barracks.)

  • Nikita: (high ranking player name), you! Choose you path.

(When you leave.)

  • Nikita: Detonate your explosives. Now!

(Explosives detonated.)

(End of level.)

  • Nikita: He's a traitor kill him and then get on!

Debriefing Edit

(If the player choose in 30 minutes. And its the Loyalist)

"I'm sorry sir but I had my assignment to get is description. I hope you are not offended."
— Player
"No worries."
— Jamie
"Sir, I'll might not come back from this assignment."
— Player
"Very well, (Player's name) see u again sometime. Oh, and take care yourself I'd hate too see u die."
— Jamie

(If the loyalist doesn't survive.)

"So much for that plan."
— Kamarov
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