Conquest is my new war game series which is featured in the 22nd century.

The War is based on a fictional war known as the Conflict in the Solar System.

Allies Edit

  • AFOE (Armed Forces Of Earth)
  • AFOM (Armed Forces of Mars)
  • AFOS (Armed Forces of Saturn)

Enemies Edit

Characters Edit


  • Captain Brian Phoenix. Alive. Commander of UN Hammersley Navy battle-class ship
  • Lieutenant Commander David Flux. Alive. Co-Commander and Navigator of UN Hammersley
  • Commander Neutron Radius. KIA. Pilot and Co-Navigator of UN Hammersley. He is the first to be killed in the series. He is killed by multiple gunshot wounds to the torso delivered by a Neptunian.
  • Lieutenant Michael Neutral. Alive. Infantry of the Army. Playable character and main protagonist of the series.
  • Sergeant First Class Michael West. KIA. Infantry of the Army. Second killed. Killed by a Uranian Impaling him with a sword.

more will come

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