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Clurkicus mob

Two Clurkicus' mobsters.

The Clurkicus Family was an organised crime syndicate led by Clurkicus back when he was on Earth. Founded in 2002 by a demon from Hell Clurkicus (real name Adrian-Todd LaRusso), the family operated in and outside of Finckelville, Ohio, but his mob, unlike most other mobs, never had a place in the Commission.


The Clurkicus Family was founded in 2002 by the Clurkicus, who immigrated from the Never Never Land. Clurkicus was in charge of the organisation, logically, while Peter Dobs took action as the lead enforcer and underboss. The family grew in power and in membership rapidly, running drugs and rare weapons. The family fought the rival 3rd Street Saints and in 2013 but quickly made peace.

In 2014, Clurkicus planned to destroy one of his most bitter enemies that wronged him somehow: Richard Huges, his bodyguards and the Protagonist. His plan was put into action when he decided to plant a detonator bomb in one of the yachts the Protagonist, Hughes and police department use. Later that night, Clurkicus watched as the Protagonist and his comrades along with Hughes went onto the boat and waited for the right time to press the button to make the big blast. Despite the police went onto the boat with the Protagonist, they were not his primary enemies. When the said enemies were on the boat, Clurkicus saw that Troy, who was a cop, get on the boat too, but killed him anyway by pressing the detonator's button and setting off the bomb. It exploded loudly, sending the Protagonist into a coma, and killed Stilwater's mayor Richard Hughes and his bodyguards. Clurkicus also learned later that Hughes was a former spy for the Mishima Corporation.

The Clurkicus family eventually disbanded in January, 2015, when most of his men were killed off by the police in a shootout after a gun store robbery. Those who survived the shootout were killed by Clurkicus himself due to his outrage and big splashes of anger in a bad time, so he basically killed them for nothing.

Clurkicus told Dobs that if he wants to continue breathing he needs to get out of his life forever due to his anger problems. Dobs choose wisely.

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