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Biographical information
Real name Adrian-Todd LaRusso
Also known as The Luna Devil, uglyman, Freakshow, Shinnok's succesor, King of Never Never Land, Shinnok's former slave, Circus Demon
Nationality This is Sparta American
Age Immortal
Status Undead
Physical description
Eye colour Black
Hair colour None
Ethnicity Pink
Height 5'11
Weight 78kg
Blood type A+
Gender Male
Career, affiliations and family information
Affiliation(s) 3rd Street Saints (former), Dixmor Project, Shinnok, Adolf Ackermann, Lucius Wagner, Quan Chi, Clurkicus Family
Occupation(s) Project's idol, ruler of Hell, serial killer, former slave, former boss and lawyer
Notable family members Jerome LaRusso (great-grand uncle)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Saints Row (all series)
Created by Shinnok
Voiced by (English) Gavin Hammon
"He's crueller than our Lord and Savior: Lucifer himself!"
— Ivan about Clurkicus

Clurkicus is king of Hell and the former boss of lastly defunct Clurkicus Family, former lawyer for 3rd Street Saints, and true main antagonist in Saints Row franchise.


It is known that Lord Shinnok created Clurkicus' sometime after his banishment from Heaven. His real name is Adrian-Todd LaRusso. Clurkicus' face looks like a walking freakshow, because Shinnok decided he will give him that kind of face. He has no hair pink, but he has full black eyes, no pupils at all. Clurkicus is known for his cruel nature and big splashes of anger in a bad time. He also has a second personality, as he suffers from dissociative identity disorder. He is also a rare gun collector. He collects rarest weapons from the Never Never Land and Earth, and can also be seen selling them to the Dixmor Project. He known as a skilled master planner, master of illusions and he's also a manipulative trickster and a blackmailer.

Criminal career

He started as a gang leader in Finckelville, Ohio, and created his own mob called the Clurkicus Family, but his mob, unlike most other mobs, never had a place in the Commission.


Between 2012 and 2013, Adrian-Todd killed at least ten people in the Wichita, Kansas area. Because of his ugly face he was known as the "Freakshow". Clurkicus also sent notes to local authorities and media outlets describing the killing process, taunting them for not catching him. It was these letters that lead to his eventual death in 2015. After Clurkicus kidnapped his victims he would bind them and strangle them until they passed out. Then he'd let them wake up and do it again, repeating the near-death experience and getting sexual gratification from it. He would eventually strangle the victims to death and spit into an article of their clothing.

Clurkicus was caught because the police was able to extract a deleted file from a floppy disk the killer had sent to them. On the disk was information about Clurkicus's church, an organization of which he was the leader and a Shinnoknist. It was DNA evidence that eventually busted Clurkicus, and he later confessed to the crimes. He was convicted of 10 counts of murder in 2014. He was killed in 2015, however it is now known that he rules the Never Never Land along with Adolf Ackermann.

Events of Saints Row series

Clurkicus all time was standing next to the original leader of 3rd Street SaintsJulius Little and leader of Vice KingsBenjamin King, when they were still friends. Clurkicus was a traitor, as he betrayed The Protagonist, and controlled three other traitors: Julius, Troy and Dex. He made a phone call to Ultor Corp. manager, now chairman, Dane Vogel to offer Dex a job at Ultor's. In 2014, Clurkicus planned to destroy his most bitter enemies that wronged him somehow: Richard Huges, his bodyguards and the Protagonist. His plan was put into action when he decided he will plant a detonator bomb in one of the yachts the Protagonist, Hughes and police department use. Later that night, he watched as the Protagonist and his comrades along with Hughes went onto the boat and waited for the right time to press the button to make the big blast. Despite the police went onto the boat with the Protagonist, they were not his primary enemies. When his enemies were on the boat, Clurkicus saw that Troy, who was a cop, get on the boat too, but killed him anyway by pressing the detonator's button and setting off the bomb. It exploded loudly, sending the Protagonist into a coma, and killing Stilwater's mayor Richard Hughes and his bodyguards.

Demise and resurrection

Clurkicus finally met his demise, as getting his head cut off in March 12th, 2015, by Johnny Gat, his most strongest enemy. But a mysterious man resurrected him, and now Clurkicus quivers the thirst for vengeance for year now.


"UUGHHHH!!! Controlling me with a fairytale? Vast thousands of misleading translations. Confusing the minds of the weak? BUT NOT ME! False wretched kings aside! You are NOTHING! (NOTHING!) Upon the cross hangs your eternal life! In the name of blasphemy you're nothing, uh!"
— Clurkicus using his Satanic insult
"Suffering upon the cross of surgery! Red drift from the eyes! So dark the panic! So rotting in demise! Inhale your own impending death! Breathing disgorge, maggots crawl in your last breath! Murkoff: Hey... Some talk... Yeah some talk... They killed and fed on everybody. Everybody! Every single person that you or I has ever know, is DEAD! (DEAD! DEAD! Dead!...) Decreased brain function... ignore their basic survival instincts... social devolution appears complete. Typical human behaviour... is now entirely absent... Not in time? Not in time. There is no God. (There is no God, there is no God, there is no God, there is no God.)"
— Clurkicus and Murkoff Dixmor
"Our diabolical anthem so foul in their ears! Gospel of dissonance! Pernicious Metropolis! Bewildered apostles beseeching for repent. Desert fathers agonised in throes of leprosy! Shinnok: Chanting the name of the accuser. Unrevealed is the face of a dog. Nocturnal is the lapse of the Earth. Empire of the cross defeated before birth!"
— Clurkicus and Shinnok on christianity
"Surgical carnage: chunks of your own flesh are forced into your mouth! >:) Removing the face. Wretched human mirror, incarnation of disgrace. Ice cold eyes, long since emptied of hope and faith. Staring dead into the void! Internal ultra-violence! Body and mind destroyed!!!"
— Clurkicus talking about nasty cannibalism stuff
"Thieving throughout the ages of man. Has come to claim eternal prize! Anti-Christ of flesh and blood!"
— Clurkicus


  • His secondary theme song is "When You're Evil" by Voltaire.
  • Clurkicus loves to sing songs, especially his own and those of the band Bloodbath.
  • His great-grand uncle Jerome LaRusso is actually a Deputy Chief of S.R.P.D.