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Clemenza Crew
Pete Clemenza
Leader, Clemenza
Leader(s) Pete Clemenza
Appears in The Godfather Game
Country France City, France, Europe
Type Crew/Regime
Active Deceased
Motto "Clemenza is a Corleone Capo leader, shooter, fortune cookie eater, and an Asian pussy reader, he's awesomer than Dragon's Army Leader! He's got a big-s-sized dik, and a very brutal sidekick! His bounty is worth 5 billion! This is soooo awesome, bitchy!"-Carmine Rosato

The Clemenza Crew was an organised crime syndicate of the French Mafia that was founded in 2005 by Pete Clemenza, a Capo in the Corleone Family, who was given permission to gain a big-s crew. In 2013, when Joey Zasa was found traitor, the crew died and dissolved in no time.


In 2005, during pause of Mafia, Clemenza was given permission to get a big-s crew by Don Vito Corleone, after complaining that the Barzinis were trying to take away the Corleone's territory and that if Vito would not let him react, they would be under their thumb, however it was the Tattaglia Family later that was under the thumb. Clemenza already had his own mini-crew, having a large organisation in Frek, Charlie's territory. Clemenza and his crew pushed back by 2011, after the Barzini Family was eliminated. When Joey Zasa was killed, the crew was dead in no time.