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Escaping the Mess
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File Retriever
Church Defenders
OpFor moving in to attack the marines.
Call of Duty: Nuclear War
SgtMaj Red Nancarrow
USMC and Russian Loyalists
M21, Mk. 23 and M4A4 (SOPMOD)
Unknown place in Saudi Arabia
Day 5, 2018
Get to the church. Secure the church. Defend the church.
Shadow Company and Opfor
Multiplayer map

Walkthrough Edit

Red and his squad head out and eliminate enemy hostiles then they take at a helicopter and then move to church and take it and defender it.

Transcript Edit

Briefing Edit

"Now that we have left safely. It's time we read about Nikita Radanovich."
— Salmon

Wolf Company Insiginia changes to the USMC insiginia

"Listen up gentleman, we have to take a church and defend it. Greg is a new guy so everyone be nice to him."
— Red

Red briefing soldiers.

Ingame Edit

(Red is inside a building with Echo Five.)

  • Red: ...Echo Five request air support.
  • Cobra: Negative we've been engaged and...
  • Red: Echo Five-Zero-Six come in.
  • Command: Echo 5-0-6 is down.
  • Red: Damn!
  • Command: There is a Hind in the area.
  • Red: Okay.

(The Hind shows up.)

  • Wade: Hind D!
  • Red: Shoot it down!
  • Wade: Okay.

(Wade goes out with a Javelin and is instantly shot in the head.)

  • Red: Wade! Cover me while I take the Javelin!
  • Greg: Roger that.

(Red destroys the helicopter ten goes to the church and clear the bottom floor out.)

  • Red: Greg, go upstairs and check the bell room.

(He goes then and couple explosions hit it. Then it falls the with Greg falling and dying instantly. They defend the church as long as they can. Then they finish off the last one)

  • Red: Radio in to command, mission complete.
  • Miles: Yes sir.

(End of mission)

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