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Air Patrol
Chinese Takeaway
Call of Duty: Future Warfare: 2029-2039
LCPL Jack Spears
Australian Army, Air Force and Japanese Army
F88 AuStyer w/M203 and Scope, SR-98 w/Infrared Scope, Browning Hi Power w/Laser Sight, 6 F1 Grenades, 6 Flashbangs, 6 Concussion Grenades, 10 Claymores and Artillery Strikes
Luda, China
November 1st, 2029
Call an Artillery Strike on the house.
Take out the snipers. (3/3)
Use the PF-98 and destroy the Crow's Nest (3/3)
Take out the Pillboxes (2/2)
Regroup with Major Salmon.
Chinese Forces
Multiplayer map
War Zone


Major Salmon and the squad enter a small town near Luda. They start by calling a artillery strike on house containing a group of Chinese infantry. He destroys the house and they continue down the road to a sniper's area. Jack takes out the snipers on the buildings. Then the Bushmaster PMV in front is destroyed by a PF-98 they all exit a M113 and start taking the Chinese. They then use the PF-98 to destroy 3 Crow's Nests and then 2 Pillboxes. They then finally regroup with Salmon.


(Level starts off with the squad keeping there head down and avoiding gunshots.)

(Sullivan and Wazowski are killed.)

  • Lcpl. Spears: Sullivan! Wazowski!
  • Major Salmon: They're dead! We'll be to if we do keep our head down!

(A Chinese Type 67 fires on to the M113.)

  • Sgt. Kelly: 67! Spears get an artillery strike on that position!

(He lazes the target.)

  • Lcpl. Spears: Enemy house in the open fire for effect.
  • Bdr. Kelly: Copy that, firing artillery rounds.

(The rounds hit the house destroying it completely.)

  • Bdr. Kelly: Target awaiting in 30 seconds for a new target.

(They continue along the round and two soldiers Doherty and Graham in the second M113 are shot in the back by a sniper.)

  • Cpl. Johnson: Doherty! Graham! Those bastards!
  • Bdr. Kelly: Awaiting targets, over.

(Spears takes out the snipers. A Bushmaster is destroyed.)

  • Sgt. Kelly: PF-98!

(Salmon shoots the Chinese operator.)

  • Major Salmon: Lance Corporal, take control of the PF-98 and take out the Crow's Nests!

(He goes up to it and takes control of it. They then use it and destroy the first Crow's Nest.)

  • Bdr. Kelly: Watch out firing round at MiG.

(A MiG crashes into a tree next to a tank behind Spears. He fires at the second one.)

  • Major Salmon: Keep hitting them!

(Tank comes up the road but it is destroyed. He fires at the last one but only a quarter of it is damaged.)

  • Sgt. Kelly: Again!

(He fires again and half of it is destroyed.)

  • Cpl. Johnson: Hit the fuel drums, Jack! The drums!

(He fires at the drums and the Crow's Nest is destroyed.)

  • Sgt. Kelly: That's it! Lewis, you can stand up now.

(A pillbox fires onto Lewis killing him.)

  • Major Salmon: Spears, fire at the pillbox!

(He fires at the pillbox and destroys it. Another fires at a M113 but it is destroyed by Spears.)

  • Major Salmon: Well done, Spears. Regroup on me.

(They regroup. NPC Moment.)

  • Major Salmon: Alright, now that this town is clear. Let's move through town and sweep for my Chinese. Move out!

(Level ends.)

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