Sergeant "Chainer"
Sergeant "Chainer"
Nickname(s) Echo 03, Chainer
Rank Sergeant
Affiliations Echo Squad, Task Force 589
Birth Unknown
Weapon Vulcan EBF-25, Maverick

Chainer is a Echo-class clone commando from the same organization as fellow clone Boss. He worked with Task Force 141 in Operation Cold Shoulder, Operation Sweetwater and Operation Hercules. He filled in for Boss the heavy weapons specialist on the team and served as squad leader in Operation Takedown.


Like Boss, not much is known about Chainer's past. In fact, more is known about Boss than Chainer at the moment. Other than the fact that he is an Echo-class clone and a member of Echo Squad, Boss's own unit, all information is limited to anecdotes and jokes from Boss.


Chainer worked with the rest of Echo Squad during Cold Shoulder, planting many of the Thermal Detonators used and removing troublesome guards that spotted Task Force 589. He then helped the Echo Corps detatchment providing cover for the extraction. He also served in Operation Takedown, filling in for Boss while he recovered from his injury.


Apparently, Chainer can be stubborn and impulsive at times. However, until more is released on Operation Takedown, other aspects of Chainer's personality still are unknown.



  • "Alright, let's form up. Ace; you take the right. Sweetwater; you take the left and shut up about Keith for goodness sake. And Chipmunk; I have to agree with Ace: What kind of a name is Chipmunk? And you mongrels say clones have strange names?"
  • "Sweetwater can you por favor stop talking about Keith all the time?"
  • "Chipmunk your name is just...stupid, no offense, though."
  • "Is it just me or do I really look like Jango Fett?"