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"First, you got the Tattaglias, comin' in from the Crazy Town... These guys deserve to be hated. They're stupid bunch of s-holes and pimps. Bruno Tattaglia is next in line to become Don of his father's family, and he's working with that Turk s-hole Sollozzo. The Tattaglias aren't tough, but that doesn't mean they can't kill you, and it only gets worse and worse every day. As for Crazy Town - the Heights at the place is pretty calm and ritzy, but watch out near the waterfront! If I've had every cent, penny, nickel, dime, quarter, euro, peso, bitcoin, novac, half dollar and cash for all their strip clubs, brothels, sleazy clip-joints and hotels, I'd be a very wealthy man. Wealthier than an Arabian sheikh himself or a Project agent."
— Clemenza about Tattaglias
Tattaglia icon

Crest of Tattaglia's.


Tattaglia's quote.

The Tattaglias are a low-ass operation operating in Crazy Town. More than any other family, the Tattaglias are not to be trusted - much less respected, they only think about porn. If you're going to take over all of France, Crazy Town would be a good place to start. Their icon is "Bull's head".

Members of Tattaglia Family.